Thursday, May 22, 2014

Citrus Lane: May 2014 Review

This post contains affiliate links, which save you and me both $$$ :) As always, I'm very appreciative if you decide to sign up and use my link. You'll save 50% off your first box if you do!

The May Citrus Lane box was curated to help get us into the spirit of summer.  No problem with that here, any chance we get we run outside and enjoy the sun!  Included within is a meal time set perfect for eating outdoors, art supplies to help you be creative on the go, and a fun accessory to help keep track of your schedule while enjoying summer.  As usual, there are also some mom helpers included.  This box was packaged for a 34 month old boy.

My son was most excited about this Crocodile Creek Robot Watch, $12.99.  His sister has a few watches and whenever she wears one, he wants one too.  Now he can rock one too!  I will have to watch him carefully though, he is on the rough side and I can totally see him breaking this.

It was really cool to see Crocodile Creek in our box; hope they continue to be featured in upcoming ones.  I'd love to get a water bottle or ball from them.

Faber-Castell is such a high quality brand for art supplies that I was totally surprised to see this set of 12 Duo Tip Washable Markers is only $4.99!  What is awesome about these is that you really get 24 colors.  Ah, if only the supplies I purchase from them for art journaling like their excellent gelatos were so affordable!  Seriously, I have so much on my wish list by them that I am totally thinking about quietly taking these for myself!

A lot of the preview pictures for Citrus Lane seem to include all sorts of adorableness from Skip Hop so I was hoping it wasn't too late to get something from them in a box.  It's probably just me, but I think this shark set is not so cute.  It kind of creeps me out.  When there are so many awesome designs, why oh why did we get this one?  Okay whining aside, it's nice that this set includes both the Shark Plate and Shark Bowl.  When sold separably these have a combined value of $10.  Little man will totally use them and for once have some tableware that isn't hand me downs from big sister so they are a nice inclusion, I bet most little boys would really like a shark versus a dog anyway.

I always think of the mommy helper items as extras throw ins.  It's nice to get a snack pack but not something that would influence whether or not to sign up for the service.  My kiddo loves his fish and cheese crackers so I'm sure he'll gobble these up.

Now the Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids by Jasmine Seven in Grapefruit, I do find helpful. My kiddos live in their Crocs come summer and when they get into the mud or sand those little feet get dirty and smelly.  If these work well I will be looking to get more, so convenient!

Our May Citrus Lane box contained approximately $30 worth of products and considering that our 6 month subscription, purchased during a sale, costs us about $17.67 a month I think that's a great value!  We will get a lot of use out of everything that came.


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