Friday, May 30, 2014

Cozy Wall Art: Tractor Silhouette Wall Decal

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My son's almost three years old and somehow, we never got around to adding any wall art in his bedroom.  Now that he's developing a real personality and preferences it seemed like the perfect time add a wall decal to his room.  This is such a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to incorporate your child's interests into their own personal space.  Cozy Wall Art has so many designs that there's something for everyone!  My little guy is obsessed with all things tractor, so as soon as I saw the Tractor Silhouette Wall Decal I knew it was perfect for him!

We received a dark green Tractor Silhouette Wall Decal ($25) in the size large (22" X 34.5") for this review.  It came rolled up and packaged very nicely in a triangular shaped box.

Along with the decal, we also got step by step directions and a credit card shaped squeegee.  A small bonus decal and some sweet treats were also included.


Here is a view of his wall before we put up the wall decal.  I thought this was a good space because it's awfully bare looking up there above his changing table.  I'd be too afraid to put a shelf or even anything framed up there because he's so active.  I know he's end up grabbing at it or pulling something down on himself while up on his changing pad.


See what a difference the Tractor Silhouette wall decal makes?  I love it & it makes such an impact without spending hours to do!

A wall decal is really perfect because we can fill a large space on the wall, at an affordable price, without adding any bulk that might fall down and hurt our little guy.

We followed the directions Cozy Wall Art sent and began by cleaning the wall and taping the tractor silhouette into place.  Then we used the squeegee to apply the decal to the wall.  This was a fairly large shape with lots of detail so my husband had to take his time with this step.

The part of the backing that overlapped seemed to have a little harder time sticking so we took off the top layer and kept rubbing with the squeegee and then did the same with the bottom portion.

My son was absolutely thrilled by how it turned out.  He points to it all the time and says, "My tractor, my tractor!"  He has a speech delay so that he's excited enough to spontaneously talk about it all the time, gives me little tingles of happiness to see how much he loves it.

Cozy Wall Art is a great resource for kid's and nursery wall decor, but also has a wide range of designs from  custom name decals to quotes, modern or whimsical styles, and even classroom appropriate looks. I think this Scattered Blossoms Triptych Wall Decal is especially stunning.  Readers, have you ever tried using a wall sticker to decorate your home?


2 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

I love vinyl decals! They are such a fun way to change up a room. The tractor looks fantastic.

Leslie Germain said...

Love it! May have to check this site out!!

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