Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Julep Review: May 2014 Maven Box

Hello fellow nail polish fanatics, it's time to check out what came in this month's Julep Maven box!  I switched things up and moved from the Classic with a Twist profile to Bombshell.  This is a simple to do as long as you check in during the Maven reveal period, which is the 20th-24th each month.  You just click over to see the previews and you have the option to select the one you like best.  I really wanted Laree and was not disappointed, it's really lovely!  I also added on one polish this month and got Maddy, the color from my default style profile that I liked.

Let's get onto what came in the box.  First up is the nail polish.  Each of these retail for $14 with $11.20 Maven pricing when purchased individually.

Laree: Golden pink taffeta shimmer

So so amazing, the gold shimmer in the pink is just fabulous!  I kept looking at my nails all day long while wearing this shade.  My daughter said it's her favorite pink from Julep ever.  It's so different from the other colors I have because the shimmer is gold; I love it!

Saaya: Golden apricot shimmer

I think the shimmer is harder to see in the bottle because like Laree, it has a golden shimmer that's closer to the base apricot shade.  It's so pretty on the nail.  The shimmer keeps it from looking flat and in my opinion makes it more interesting than a straight creme.  I really am enjoying this shade a lot more than I expected.  I am really into these peach/apricot shades this spring and I like this one for it's brightness.

Maddy: Raspberry sorbet shimmer

This is the one I added on for a reduced up charge, I think it was $4.99.  If I had not gone in and switched my box I would have received this and Ramona, and I just wasn't that excited about the second shade.  The ability to switch is such a good feature of this subscription; I'm so glad for that option because otherwise, I think my overall satisfaction with this month would have been pretty low.  While I like this, I am so in love with the other two that I probably could've gone without it.

I haven't done a whole manicure with Maddy but have used it as an accent nail.  It's a much deeper color and bolder color than the other two and the shimmer. while still present, is not as noticeable as I'd have preferred.  I think had Maddy not come with Laree & Saaya it might have stood out more favorably, but seriously, it would've been hard for most colors to compare this time around.  Had I gotten my original Classic with a Twist box I am sure this would've been my favorite item in the box!

Julep Plié Wand™: Plié Wand, Plié overcap, Precision brush

What it is:
An ergonomic nail polishing tool designed to solve common polishing pain points and give you better results. Imagine if you’d spent your whole life writing with a pen cap and then someone finally handed you a full-size pen. That’s what it feels like to polish with the Plié Wand.

What it does:
Long, balanced design improves leverage, comfort, and control
Flexible handle twists and bends so you can get a better grip
Plié overcap fits on any Julep nail polish and attaches to Plié Wand
Precision brush lets you polish closer to your nail

Retail Price: $25/$20 Maven, Currently back ordered until June

Each month I can expect two polishes and a third item.  Last month it was a super pretty peachy blush and time it's their new wand, that they are making a big fuss about.  I haven't had time to use this yet.  I am sure it requires practice to get good results and this month has been too crazy busy for that!  I'll let you know what I think in the future.

Plié Wand Precision Brush

Our precision brushes feature a shorter stem that lets you get closer to your nail while polishing. For best results, pop on a Plié overcap and attach to the Plié Wand. Includes a Precision brush and a Plié overcap.

Retail Price: $6/currently no Maven discount

My mind isn't made up on the wand or brush yet, but since the polish is the real attraction to subscribing to Julep, overall I will reiterate that these are some awesome colors this month!  I hope you've found my reviews helpful, and if you are interested in the amazing colors, that you will consider using my referral link.  I would really appreciate it, thank you!

This is a fantastic time to sign up by the way!  Not only are there some more customization options starting next month, check this 5 piece gift with subscription sign up that I saw on My Subscription Addiction!  That is an awesome introduction box!  There is also the best free gift with $40 purchase going on right now as well!


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