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Project Life: February 2014

Hi Project Lifers!  It's been awhile since I've gotten some weeks together in time to share on Jessica's now monthly Project Life link up at The Mom Creative.  I never seem to remember until the week after the linky went up!  I'm also sharing at Simple Scrapper's Community Show & Tell and The Memory Nest's Crafty Creations.  While May's pages are currently in progress, let's go way back to snowy and cold February to play a little catch up!

I have been forcing myself to use up my Simple Stories stash.  I love their Sn@p line so much that I find myself saving it for something special.  2014 is my year to use and not horde my stash so out it came!  The "Every Day Life" flower is by Bella Blvd.

February 8-15 was a really usual week.  My daughter had a lingering cough that seemed to last for weeks.  She was out two days the week before and then when it got worse over the weekend we took her the doctors on the 8th.  Turns out she had parapertusuis, which is a form of whooping cough but not the one that has to be reported to the health department.  It is still highly contagious so that mean she was out for the week on antibiotics.  

The poor kiddo missed a lot of fun stuff that week she was out.  She not only missed the Valentine's Day party on Friday, but also a project she was very excited about.  She was so worried that a classmate would end up painting her volcano for her while she was gone.  That kind of thing is sometimes done so that when an absent child returns they are ready for the next step, in this the erupting of the volcanoes.  Since we knew she out for five days, my husband picked it up from school for her.  She was so thrilled and it kept her busy during one of B's naps.

Since I took vertical pictures of her with the volcano, I decided to turn these photos into a more traditional scrapbook layout and then slide it into an insert.  On the other side I put a layout with pictures from our Valentine's Day dinner.  The kids and I had been cooped up inside all week long and we were tired from being sick so no one felt like going out into the cold.  My daughter loves Panda Express, so Daddy went and got her a take out meal.

This is not my favorite layout ever, it is missing that "something".  I think it needs an embellishment cluster in the top left.  I may add a label, flush against the top, and add a little washi tape too.  But I'm trying to accept not everything needs to be a masterpiece.  The memory is documented, I can move on!

Here is the second half of the week.  This shows more evidence of sick kids.  My little guy sitting quietly and still on the couch?  Yep something is wrong, he's definitely sick!  E was also supposed to take part in her first cookie booth sale, we didn't make that either.

Here are few detail images of how I embellished some of the pictures that I especially like from this spread.

February 16-22 was sort of a return to normal.  Or the normal that is life in MI when there's a particularly bad winter.  No school on Monday for President's Day and then two more days off for snow/extreme weather.  All in all my second grader missed 10 days of school this month, including both sick, snow, and holidays.

Love, love, love the app Waterlogue.  I am constantly trying to find pictures that would make interesting "water color" paintings.

This is the backside of the insert, Design G, that you can see in the main photo of this week.  We didn't find out until after we'd arrived at religious ed on Wednesday that there was no class that week.  All bundled up and no where to go?  Must mean it's time for some snow play!

The second half of the spread if focused on Friday and Saturday.  E went to spend the night at a friend's house and B got to experience life as an only child for a bit.  I picked her up the next day and we did some shopping before coming home.  We picked up the Darth Vader bobble head for Brad's Valentine's Day gift.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, we did a do over on the 22nd.  That's a week and a day after the actual day.  B is too little to notice and E didn't care since it gave us more time to get gifts together.  On the other side of this spread are photos from the Daddy Daughter dance that night but since it's not completely together I'm not sharing it on the blog.

In between I have two inserts made out of 12X12 page protectors that I sewed up into customized pockets for the kid's Valentine's from family, friends, and classmates.


5 Friends Said:

Mandy Bopp said...

Your pages are beautiful! Way to go for using up your stash! I've been working on doing that too...I need them to stop making new stuff!! ;-)

Sara said...

I love your PL pages - the colours are fabulous! And the way you've added memorabilia is great, you can actually see everything. All of mine is dumped into pocketss - kind of hard to look at!

Kelly Sroka said...

Love your PL pages too--each spread seems to flow across the pages so well.

Saskia said...

Wow lots of pages! I'm glad you shared them. I love looking at other peoples PL layouts and getting inspiration as PL is really new to me. Man I feel so behind in my pl now though. =)

Leslie Germain said...

Lovely PL pages and scrapbook layouts. Love the one you shared with us! That Volcano is cool and picture is so cute. Thanks for linking up and sorry it took me so long to stop by, Katie!!

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