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Birchbox Limited Edition Box: Modern Mermaid

I was trying to resist getting the latest limited edition Bircbbox, Modern Mermaid since it's $44 and I don't need any of it.  Then I realized I had $30 dollars in points through their rewards system and it would only be $14 out of pocket and it shipped free!  This video totally sold me on it.

In fact, if I had known my June Birchbox would show up so early in the month it would've only cost me $4 out of pocket. I ordered it the day before my box came so I couldn't get my samples reviewed and offset them against the purchase price.   That doesn't bother me too much as there is always stuff in the Birchbox shop I want so those points will get used eventually.  The set of Ruffian nail polish retails for $26.50 alone so it was worth it to me to cash in my points and paying the difference.

I was so excited by how quickly it arrived on my door step!  I ordered it on late at night on the 9th and it came on the 12th so I only had to wait 2 days!  It was packaged in a specially designed shipping box that had the same blue wave pattern as the inner box, shown above.  It's so pretty, I am definitely going to have to find a way to reuse it!  It would be a cool container to keep a mini book about a trip to the lake and a few small souvenirs.

It was love at first sight!  After the disappointing June Birchbox earlier in the week, this made everything better.  It's proof that Birchbox's review/reward system is the best around!  So much good stuff!  Let's check it all out.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray, full size $24: We received 2 oz., which is a half size bottle and it's perfectly sized for travel.  This adds texture and beach waves to your hair, since I already have naturally wavy hair this help give them extra oomph.  I can't lie though, the "lovely beachy rose smell" is a bit strong at first, but it does dissipate over time and I like how this spray works so I can overlook it.

Atelier Cologne Cédrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue, $105 for 100ml:  Described as, "While citrus ingredients have long been used in the making of fine cologne, few scents capture the intricacy of their tart-yet-bitter aroma. This fragrance celebrates citrus in all its forms, from the sour sweetness of lime to the sharp, rindy smell of Calabrian bergamot. If your favorite things in life come with a dash of citrus—like the twist of lime in a gin and tonic—this scent will strike a chord."

It also has,"Vibrant top notes: cedrat from Morocco, lime from Mexico, and bitter bergamot from Calabria. Heart notes of mint and juniper add some complexity, while grassy base notes of elemi and Haitian vetiver round out the fruity aroma."

That's a lot detail and all I know is, this is one fabulous scent and I can't believe I actually like a real perfume!  I normally only like lemon or lemon scents so it probably helps that this is essentially a souped up version of my basic citrus scents.  It's really awesome and so nice and light!  I'm really enjoying the travel sized spray a lot.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat, full size $21: I have been hearing so so much about this brand but it's usually about their brow products.  I think this is a pretty genius idea.  Basically, it makes any mascara waterproof when you coat your lashes with this after.  This is sample is the perfect size to use this summer on the few times I could use waterproof mascara like when we go to the beach or pool.  I'd say it's definitely a deluxe size, the only issue I think I might have is that since it's clear I may not know if I've covered all my lashes or not!

Vasanti Kajal Extreme Eye Pencil, full size $18: This was the only item I was a little "meh" about before I got my box.  I was kinda like, okay a blue eyeliner not too exciting and I may not even use it.  Then it arrived and it's gorgeous!  It's a darker shade than the Chella one I got back in March so I find it a lot more usable. Plus it's easier to apply, goes on so smoothly, and I know this is not the only brand to include a sharpener but it's the first pencil I've ever gotten with one and I love that!  There's also a handy dandy smudger on the other side of the stick.

RUFFIAN The Endless Summer Collection, full size $26.50: Okay let's be real these are the real reason this box when from want to must have.  You know, cause I need more nail polish.  Honestly, I liked the Ruffian polish I got in my very first Birchbox so much that I knew these would be great quality and I don't even normally like metallic colors that much.

I really wanted Endless Love, above left, after seeing the preview video but it's $11 when purchased individually.  As I mentioned at the beginning since I used my Birchbox points to cover most of this box it only cost me $14.  Getting the whole Modern Mermaid box for $3 more than just one polish was definitely the way to go.

I love these polishes as a set, not only is each shade a Birchbox exclusive but they fit this limited edition box's them perfectly.  Blue Lagoon is exactly the shade I've been looking for, it's not a pastel but also not dark, which I associate with fall or winter.  Sahara is a metallic nude and super pretty.  I love how it's a nude but isn't boring or flat, and of course since it's reminiscent of sand it goes well in this trio!  I find all three to be swoon worthy!

COOLA Liplux SPF 30 Original Formula, full size $12: I was completely unprepared for how much I like this product.  I thought I'd pass it along to either my daughter or my husband, both of whom are much more likely to burn this summer.  So is my little guy for that matter, but there's no way he'd ever let me get this stuff on him anyway.  I thought that since I have plenty of lip products with SPF 10 or 15 in them and they work just fine, what makes this worth $12?

Ohmygooodness, it's great, like really great, and I'm lip balm junkie so it takes a lot to get me think a untinted lip product is worth my time.  I normally only wear untinted lip balm overnight, because no one's going to see me anyway.  I love the scent, the texture, and how it's practically edible so I don't have to worry about ingesting yucky stuff.

Stephanie Johnson Mermaid Round Snap Mirror, $22: This is so pretty and I love the mermaid tail inspired embossed design.  The shimmery material takes on a different look depending on the light and it's a full compact type size so it's larger than the other mirrors I normally carry.  It's quite a fun accessory but I don't know if it's truly worth the full price.  However, since I have it, I do love it.  It's the perfect addition to this mermaid themed limited edition box.

Here is one thing I did notice, the description on Birchbox mentions that it's a double sided mirror, but the one included in the box only has one.  At first I thought perhaps this is a sample version of the mirror and the $22 version has both?  But no, the official product picture looks just like mine.

Overall, I think this is a really well curated box with a good variety of products.  All of the items tie in with the Modern Mermaid theme, none of them even seem like a little bit of a stretch. They really are well matched.  

The products include both practical and fun items, and it's well packed with nine items if you include the nail polishes individually.  That averages out to about $4.89 a piece so it's a good value when you think of the cost that way and an even better one when you really consider the higher end products with better the normal ingredients in them.  I didn't do a cost break down for the sizes included within but other bloggers have and they come up with an estimated value of $110-$115 versus the $44 retail price.

This Modern Mermaid Limited Edition Box is still currently available and I think it's a really worthwhile purchase and more than worth the $44.  I still can't believe my out of pocket was $14 with my Birchbox points redemption, that feels like quite a deal!  I can't stress enough how important it is for Birchbox subscribers to review their samples each month.  It really does pay off, literally.


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