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Ipsy March Glam Bag Review

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.  If you decide to join Ipsy, I'd be ever so appreciative if you used mine!

I was super excited to get my very first Ipsy Glam Bag on my birthday last week!  I got three packages that day and it was so much fun to finally get my hot pink mailing envelop!  I tore into it immediately and inside was this bag designed by Klari Regis, and based on the topography of San Francisco.  Brad and I used to live in the Bay Area when he was getting his PhD at Berkeley and San Fran was just a BART ride away.  I loved living near by but not actually in such a big city and at times I really miss it.  To be completely honest, this bag didn't say SF to me at first, but it is much easier to see you view the full version.  I am so glad that Ipsy's has a new Artist Series and are giving artists more exposure. 

My first glimpse inside, even though I knew exactly what I was going to get from peeking in my Glam Room on Ipsy, it was still so cool to get my hands on the real deal!  Now this is more like it, all sorts of color!  Have I mentioned I really love that each month a new bag comes, I can never ever have enough little cosmetic bags!  This one is very colorful and cheerful with it's abstract art, and knowing that it of SF makes it special for me.

Here's what was inside.  I hope I am this happy every month!  Love the variety, it's practically enough for a full face.  I would've preferred mascara over eye liner because no look is complete without a few swipes of black for me, but otherwise it has all my basics.  Plus, since I currently have three bottles of mascara, some not yet opened, it's not like I really need more samples.  The eye liner is something different for me and I like that it's not your basic boring basic, even though that is what I would gravitate toward.

This is my first NYX product and while I understand it's not a high end product, retail price is $6, this Love in Rio Eye Shadow Palatte in Voodoo Love Spells, does have all shades that are perfect for me. This is totally something I would pick out for myself.  How cute is that bow on the packaging?

Now, since it is a less expensive brand I will say that the Flawless Beauty Primer from Pixie, that just happened to come in this month's Ipsy was perfect to use with them.  I put a little on my eyelids and the shadows weren't as washed out looking, and six dollars for the three shadows is a good price point, even if you do have to apply a bit more than usual.

I am pretty happy with the primer, I generally only use it to help pump up my eye shadows and not any where else but I might try a little around my nose next time I'm also planning to wear foundation.  I was happy with both the color and product in general, but I'm not overly picky about that kind of thing.  Primer I can generally take it or leave it.  I have a sample, I'll use it and when it's gone I may or may not buy more...maybe I'll just wait until my next sample comes!

I had one bareMinerals eye shadow back when we were in CA, and this company like Ipsy is also based in San Francisco so I am familiar with their story.  I used to see their stores downtown  and now I wish I had tried them out more.  At the time I was a MAC girl and didn't stray to far into other brands.  I was a little worried about this color based on how it looked on the previews.  In some it looked like a really perfect berry and in others a little too pink.  It's not very berry, kind of a pink coral shade but I like it for spring.  What do you think?  I've got it on below.

The sample is great purse size and I like the creaminess and texture of it.  Plus it's supposed to moisturize and improve lip fullness.  Since there is a free shipping and a free mascara sample code I am very tempted to get it in another shade.

I'm not used to liquid eyeliners, I think it's literally been since high school that I've used one, and this Indigo Blue from Chella is not the color I would've picked to start again.  It's described as long lasting and vibrant; wow is it bright!  It's also very quick drying, which I think is a huge plus, as well as smudge proof & water resistant, good thing cause the last thing I want is this stuff all over the place.  If they offered it in gray or a nice brown I might be tempted to order one because it did apply very nicely, I like how it worked but $24...I'd have to think about how much I would actually use it to go for it.

I don't know if I can pull this look off enough to actually leave the house wearing it.  I'm going to need a lot more practice applying before I do.  It's a little bit more muted because I put the NYX shadow over it, in and effort to tone it down a bit. What do you think?  Blue eyeliner, yeah or nay?


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Leslie Germain said...

Love bareMinerals. Your makeup looks so pretty!!!

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