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Julep Review: Savvy Deals Purchases

This post contains affiliate links.  If you love polish as much as I do, and sign up to be a Julep Maven via my link, I'll earn rewards and be ever so appreciative ☺

The day Julep announced their End of Season Sale, with up to 65%, I went to "just look" and ended up ordering NINE lovely new bottles of nail color!  I know, that is a lot to get at one go, but it was just under $35 for all of them!  It was a fantastic deal, especially since I got free shipping as a Julep Maven!  I absolutely love all of them and even though most fall within the pink/berry tones there is a lot of variation.

This time the packing and shipping took a lot longer than my Welcome Box, but I'm betting they have those boxes assembled and ready to go as soon as one is requested.  Here is the timeline for this order.  Placed on March 8, shipped on March 10, delivered on March 17.  Technically it arrived on time and within the 5-10 business days but man, it seemed like it took A LONG TIME!!!

My order arrived in a black box with black paper cushioning. Six were wrapped but three came in the white boxes and branded Julep band.  At first I wondered why some were in plastic, but in doing some looking up, it seems these might be older polishes.  I guess that's to be expected at an End of Season sale, but I was a bit worried when I read that.  So far, only one gave me a little trouble applying and that could be because of the glitter.

Today I am rocking the crazy nails, so I can give you all a better look at the colors I selected.  A few things to keep in mind while reading this rather long, photo heavy review:
  • I applied the polish quickly so please overlook the less than perfect application.
  • These bottles were all sale priced; some are no longer in stock as of this writing.  To see all of Julep colors, visit their Nail Color page. 
  • The original price of each bottle was $14.
  • The sale prices are listed in the descriptions below.

Were you super curious to see which three bottles were in the boxes and hidden by the Julep paper band wrapper?  I sure was!  I won't make you wait any longer.  The three in boxes, are the three to the right in the picture above and are Lauren, Nan, and Glenn.  Ellie came wrapped in plastic and is on the left.  We'll start with a better look with that one below.

Name: Ellie, Classic with a Twist
Finish: Shimmer
Color Description: Opalescent seashell pink with holographic shimmer
Savvy Deals Price: $2.99

This is really lovely pale pink, that adds just the right touch for a subtle look.  It's also perfect for layering over another color to tone it down a bit as it's a bit sheer.

Name: Lauren, Classic with a Twist
Finish: Crème
Color Description: Hot tropical pink crème
Savvy Deals Price: $4.99/Out of Stock

This is perfect for summer and exactly what I was hoping for!  I love how sheer and vibrantly it went on.  My daughter is obsessed with neon colors and I think we'll both get a lot of wear out of this one.

Name: Nan, It Girl
Finish: Crème
Color Description: Nantucket red crème
Savvy Deals Price: $2.99

This was one I almost didn't get, but am so glad I did.  A review on the site mentioned it's a terracotta color and I would definitely agree.  I like it for when I don't want to wear as bright of a color and is good for everyday wear as it will look good with so many of my outfits.   I also think it's perfect for fall.

Name: Glenn, Classic with a Twist
Finish: Shimmer
Color Description: Bold, berry red shimmer
Savvy Deals Price: $3.99/Out of Stock

Deep beautiful red, the kind of color every woman should own.  Lovely coverage, that's just one coat on my nail above.  This is the most red of all the colors I selected.

Moving onto my right hand, these five were all wrapped in plastic.  Don't they look lovely all lined up in a row?  Until I was preparing for this post, I had no idea just how difficult it is to photograph polish!  I've tried my best, but I must say, the colors and details of each one is so much prettier in person.

Name: Gwyneth, Classic with a Twist
Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl
Color Description: Sheerest pink clear
Savvy Deals Price: $2.99/Out of Stock

This is just as described, sheerest pink.  As in it might as well be clear, except that with a couple coats there is just the barest hint of color.  I like it for adding some shine, for when you want more finished looking nails without looking like you've got anything on.  It will also be perfect for French manicures, if and when I ever master them.  Plus it just looks prettier in the bottle than a perfectly clear one would look.

***The faint streaks you might have noticed on my nail above is not from the polish.  They are from ridge filler I normally apply as a base coat due to the yucky nail surface I have.  Gwyneth is so sheer you can see them through the two coats I applied.

Name: Wendy, Bombshell
Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl
Color Description: Sheer watermelon red jelly nail glaze
Savvy Deals Price: $2.99/Out of Stock

I love the sheerness, the color, the shine...everything.  I remember wearing glazes like this as a teenager and this reminds me of those carefree days.  This is what I had hoped the blue sheer tint I got in my last Birchbox would work like.  Okay to be honest, it might have, but the blue looked just terrible and wrong on nails, this is pretty and feminine.

Name: Monica, Bombshell
Finish: Glitter
Color Description: Multidimensional pink glitter
Savvy Deals Price: $2.99

This would probably be my favorite if it had been a little easier to apply.  It did not go on as smoothly as the others; was a little thick and harder to control the coats.  I'm not sure if it's because of the multidimensional glitter or not.  I have had plenty of glitter polishes before but not dimensional, so it might just take some practice and getting used to.

***This is also a particularly bad polish application because it was quick for a color swatch.

Otherwise, this is GORGEOUS!  It was the hardest color to photograph, so much prettier than it looks in my picture.  The product listing gives you a better idea of how it looks.  It's super glittery, sparkles like nothing else, but at the same time has a sheerness to it, like the glaze above.

Name: Evie, Classic with a Twist
Finish: Shimmer
Color Description: Fresh-picked raspberry crème with gold shimmer
Savvy Deals Price: $6.99

This was my one "splurge" sale color, as I tried to stay in the $2.99-$3.99 range so my order would really be a savvy deal ☺.  Only one other, Lauren was over $4, but I have to say both more of the higher priced sale polishes were so worth it!

I think I had to get this based on the description alone, not that I'd ever actually eat polish, but doesn't it sound just yummy?  It so is!  Probably my favorite out of all of them, and my favorite color in a long time.  It's a much richer, deeper color that it appears above, where you can't even see the gold shimmer at all.  Again, I'd refer you to the product listing to get a better look.  It is really beautiful; I love how the light reflects the golden shimmer.  {Sigh}  I could look at my nails painted with this, all day long...

Name: Maria, Classic with a Twist
Finish: Sheer/Frost/Pearl
Color Description: Shimmering platinum rose
Savvy Deals Price: $3.99/Out of Stock

This was the one surprise of the order.  When I saw it in the box I assumed it would be like Ellie, discussed above, and slightly sheer as in the bottle it looks like another bottle I already had.  I thought, oh well, one sort of duplicate isn't super bad.  I was very excited when I tried it on and realized it's not at all sheer or like something I already own.  It's a cool metallic polish but with more of a satin finish and not at all shiny like I expected.  I think it's a fairly unique color & really fun.  Plus, due to the metallic in it can look rose to slightly purplish in color, super fun!

I could not be happier with the nail colors I ordered from Julep!  I had a blast picking out my own colors, as the shades in the Maven boxes are pre-selected and you pick between four box choices.  It was great getting exactly what I wanted, and much easier for me to tell how much I love their product.  I am really happy with the vibrancy of the colors and I have to fight the urge to change colors every day!


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Ohhhh nice picks! I really like Lauren and Glenn! Julep makes some nice polish. :)

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