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Citrus Lane: March 2014 Box Review

This post contains affiliate links, which save you and me both $$$ :)  As always, I'm very appreciative if you decide to sign up and use my link.  You'll save 50% off your first box if you do!

I have been reading about and seeing the Citrus Lane boxes some of their subscribers have received for a couple months now.  They are always were packed with such fun and cute stuff, all designed to match your child's developmental age.  From what I could see, they featured very cool brands not readily available at mass retailers so they had they definite upscale boutique feel.

I really liked the idea of getting to some new toys and toddler products just for my little guy, who usually makes do with a lot of his older sister's hand me downs.   He is so active and such a handful that it really isn't possible for me to visit stores and browse for them myself.  A nicely packaged box of goodies arriving each month curated for him seemed like the ideal solution!

At the end of last month we signed up to try Citrus Lane for the first time.  This subscription box is for infants through five year old children and is designed to be a care package that help moms & dads discover innovative products to help them through their parenting journeys.

You fill in the age of the child your box is for when signing up.  Ours is for a 32 month old.  Boxes start at $29 for the month by month plan and there is a discount for prepaid subscriptions ranging from 3 months to a year long.  Our first Citrus Lane box was purchased using a coupon code for new subscribers for $20 off your first box which brought the price down to $9, shipping is included in the monthly price.  I added on a set of reusable snack pouches so our final total was $16. You can see the add on at the top of the box in the picture below.

My little guy was super excited when he realized this box was just for him.  He very rarely gets mail, just a few cards here and there, and boxes usually are for both him & his sister.  He had to run around holding it for awhile before he could even calm down enough to open it!  I cut back on doing reviews after he was born, so I forget he's not used to things coming in the mail like his big sister.  He had to take each item out and closely examine them.  He was especially enamored with the Medi Buddy, which amused me because it's one of the two inclusions that's not a toy for him.

The Beginner Puzzle Set from Petit Collage ($14) is unlike any puzzles we own, and I have quite a few left over from my days teaching preschool special ed. and kindergarten.  I really love how this one is designed for preschoolers and how they get progressively harder.  You can start with the 3 piece monkey puzzle and then move on as your child gets more proficient, up to the six piece elephant design.  The Safari Babies theme is really darling, and my little guy is very interested in anything with Mommies (or Daddies) with their baby.  This will be something he can use for awhile as he needed help to assemble the 3 pieces one. 

Some other boxes included this adorable All About Memory Game, that I am so putting on his birthday wish list.  LB is obsessed with anything train related, he'll love it!  I spent a lot of LB's nap time browsing the Petit Collage site and it's safe to say I am now obsessed with this company too!

Lately LB wants to play with dough so he knew just what this was for when he saw it in the box.  He ran off to his high chair and we had to open them immediately!  Isn't the stamped logo on the eco-dough®, ($19 for 5, 4oz containers) such a nice touch?  It has a lovely smooth texture, not gritty at all and wasn't very crumbly.  I have ordered "natural" homemade dough through an etsy seller before, and found that dough was both gritty & crumbled at lot, so I was a little worried that this would be too.  Happily it was none of those things and the information sheet even says that if it should dry out a few drops of olive or veggie oil will fix it, nice!

The company describes themselves as, "eco-kids® is a line of art supplies that gives children the tools to create using non-toxic, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging."  Since my kiddo sucks his thumb and tends to be a hot mess when getting creative, I am totally on board with their non-toxic and natural ingredients!  I've got my eye on these finger paints.  He loves painting but I've been reluctant to let him finger paint with anything but pudding because of the whole hands in his mouth thing.  Plus the paints come in powder form so it look like there might be less waste as you can perhaps mix the colors as you need them and not have to worry as much about paints that dry up.

The second two products I consider parent helpers, things to make my life easier, and I am all about that!  The All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes ($10.99 for a Set of 2 Canisters, $80 total) from CleanWell are for cleaning up your kid's face & hands without alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride, or harsh chemicals and are gentle on sensitive skin like my kiddo's cheeks, which can get red from some products.  No trouble with that when I used these!  They also won't sting cuts, a real concern around here as he is a dare devil, and are naturally anti-bacterial, kill germs, and are biodegradable.

I wish I had known about these this past winter, during which the LB seemed to always be sick!  Since he has viral induced asthma, staying healthy is important.  These are going right into the car and will be great for taking with me so we can wipe him off as we're out and about & for after meals. 

This is what's inside of the Medi Buddy ($5.25 per kit, $3.95 refill kit) that LB was so interested in.  Packed into this reusable compact container are 15 kid friendly bandages, 1 3" knee & elbow bandage, 2 antibiotic ointments, 5 sting free antiseptic wipes, 4 2X2 gauze pads, and 12 stickers.  This will also be perfect for the car, I never seem to have a band aide when at the park and darn it, if that isn't always where we need one!

me4kidz has the perfect motto: Clean it, Fix it, and Back to Play!  Isn't that what every parent wants?  They also have other variations on their Buddy Kits such as Smile and Diaper Bag, which would be perfect for as part of a baby shower gift.   My favorite is the Nail Buddy with 2 kid-friendly nail files, 2 bottles non-toxic, water-based nail polish, 1 bright colored nail brush, 1 nail buffer, 2 sheets of nail appliques – self stick, and one 1 Reusable and recycled carry anywhere case.  That sounds perfect for my daughter's Easter basket!  Several stores in my area carry me4kidz, including where I grocery shop, so I'll be looking for these really soon!

This box was an amazing deal for just $9, I found the $20 discount code I used via My Subscription Addiction, and she mentioned it again in her latest review so it should still work.

I took advantage of the $20 off a 3, 6, or 12 month plan that existing subscribers can use found via Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, that brings my monthly box price down to $17.67 for 6 months!  I really could not believe how excited and happy LB was to get new just for him stuff and that totally makes it worthwhile for us!  In the same post as that code, Jennifer also has a different code for $20 off your first box, so you could also try that one if the other one doesn't work for some reason, and also one for 20% off anything in the Citrus Lane shop.

I am really interested in the featured brand Janod's stamp puzzles, puzzle and art all in one?  Sounds terrific!  That would be great to use at home now with my kiddo and as a story writing aide when back teaching elementary school.  A 20% discount would make it only $16!


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