Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Happenings: Recap 2014

We had a memorable Halloween!  It was bitterly cold with freezing winds and light dusting of SNOW!  The kids were all bundled up but even the bad weather didn't deter them from heading out, at least for a bit, to fill up their treat buckets with candy!

Winter coats and layers were a must.  My eight year old daughter has two pairs of pants and three layers on underneath her dress.  My three year old only went around the block but he actually has pajamas on too - footed blanket sleeper with another layer on under that!  It's a good thing that this year's costumes both had plenty of room.

Since the weather on Halloween night wasn't that pleasant, I'm glad we took them to a few extra events throughout the month.  It was also cold the night we went to Greenfield Village for Haunted Nights but not nearly as bad.  The kids are still layers underneath their fireman and renaissance princess outfits.

They got good use out of the costumes, as they also wore them for a Girl Scout Dance, Party at the Fire Station, and at each of their schools.

October is always busy but so much fun.  The little guy and I went to a new pumpkin patch last year on a field trip and it was fun to take the my husband and daughter there on one of the nice October weekends.

Carving pumpkins just gets more fun each year, as the kids get older and more into it.  My daughter drew on the girly face, complete with lipstick and winged eyeliner!  My husband got fancier than usual and cut a Lego head in the other.  We also used this nice kit of Mr. Potatohead like pieces that you just push into the pumpkin to create animal faces.  My son had a blast with those.

Halloween day was very hectic, so I'm glad my son's preschool party was the day before.  He only goes on Tues/Thurs.  I went and helped him paint a mini pumpkin, he was especially keen on using the glitter all by himself.  We also had treats and he got the world's biggest ghost sugar cookie on a stick so he was pretty excited.

On Halloween I helped in my daughter's third grade classroom in the morning.  I was assigned to the pumpkin decorating table.  They also assembled paper skeletons, made toilet paper roll creatures, and did games.  Then I rushed over to meet my family for lunch.  Then we hurried back over to school for the parade.  The little guy was much better behaved than I expected.  He was enthralled by all the kids in their costumes walking by.

Then it was home to finish making dinner, greeting our friends who usually join us, and trying to eat a quick meal before our town's 5:30 - 7:30 trick or treating hours.  I think we had the fewest kiddos show up for candy than ever before, no doubt due to the cold weather.  I think most were done by 6:30 or soon after.  Even though they didn't get to as many houses as they might have liked, all the kids ended up with full buckets of candy so I'd say it was still a successful night!

Hope your Halloween was full of memories too!  I'm linking up to the Mom Creative's Annual Halloween Link-Up :)


2 Friends Said:

Vera said...

What cute costumes! They look happy despite the cold! Having come from VA to TX, I appreciate the warm weather for Halloween for once!

Leslie Germain said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Love the costumes and what you created!!! I have been a little MIA from blogging. Hope to be visiting more often and hope you are well!!

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