Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Citrus Lane: October 2014

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We have continued to get my son's Citrus Lane box, even though I haven't been reviewing them.  Our six month subscription ended and I wasn't going to renew, but when I went to cancel, we were offered a deal to extend it for three months at $15 a month.  That's a fantastic price so of course, I did it.

Now the reason I wasn't going to continue is mainly because we just have sooooo much stuff!  We're running out of room and my kids must be spoiled because we actually received a couple items we already owned, like this Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock.  But at $15 a month, well I couldn't pass that up and my son really does like getting his very own package.

This month Citrus Lane's box was a little special, not only was it pink but it also came with cool mustache punch outs.

The idea is, if your family takes pictures using these photo props then you could win a prize.  I think it's a fun idea and a nice way to support a great cause.

We got this fantastic set of Dominoes from Janod, which is an awesome toy company!  I love the artwork and designs of their products.  I mean seriously?  Love this, this, this, and this!  This beautifully illustrated double sided domino game was a big hit with my son.

My son has been wearing this Little Hero's Adventure Cape, Red a ton since it arrived.  It's price is more than how much I spent on the box, with the special offer I received from Citrus Lane. The material is nice and thick and it's definitely much higher quality than the super hero capes I've seen out for Halloween right now.

It's also long enough that it can be used for years and sturdy enough to last that long!  I would've loved it if they'd sent us a notification that this would be included this month, because I seriously would've tried to convince LB that this was his costume if I had known it was coming.

I feel like every little kid needs to have some instruments to shake about, and these Easy Grip Maracas from Hohner Kids were also in our box this month.  We used to take Music Together classes so we already have quite a collection on instruments, but our maracas were wooden and have been well loved, so I was happy to see a new pair for the little guy to enjoy.  These are high quality and BPA free.

The fifth things in our box is this month's bonus snack, there is usually something like this each month.  This time it's Annie's Organic Cheddar Snack Mix, and since we go through their various Bunny snacks quicker than we ought to,this was gone in no time.  Very tasty, from what I could tell from the two little bites I got to try.


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