Friday, October 10, 2014

Julep Maven: October 2014. Mommy's Little Monster Box & Add-Ons

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Calling this my Maven box might be a bit of a misnomer because I didn't actually get any polishes from this month's Black Magic collection.  Instead, I opted for one of their special Tricks & Treats special Halloween themed boxes.  Since I normally get two polishes and third make up item I thought that this was a better value plus once I saw the cute candy corn themed manicure they did with it, I was sold!

This box is the Mommy's Little Monster box and I'm sorry but it's no longer available, although the individual components are for sale separately, except for the black cat nail decals.  I know my kitty loving daughter is going to be super excited about those so I'm glad I got those!

The nail polishes included in the Mommy's Little Monster box are from top to bottom:

  • Katerina (It Girl): Pixie multidimensional iridescent top coat
  • Tatiana (Boho Glam): Golden burnt orange microglitter
  • Dahlia (Boho Glam): Goldenrod microglitter

This is Julep's Freedom Polymer Top Coat, described as a high-gloss finish that dries smudge-free in five minutes without a UV light or you can cure with a 60-watt bulb for two minutes and give a high-gloss, gel-like finish.  I have been looking for a new top coat, since I'm getting tired of how thicky and goopy Seche Vite when I'm about half-way through it.  People seem to either love it or not so much.  I wouldn't have bought this as an add on but since it was part of the package, I'm happy to give it a try.

I didn't get a September Maven box, I skipped it, but made up for it in add ons this month, like this set of three.  I got the base coat in a previous box and really like it a lot.  I have a lot of ridges and pits on my nails and this works really well smoothing things out so my finished nails looks prettier.  I'm almost out so I was looking to pick up another this month anyway.  Since I am so happy with it, I wanted to try the top coat as well.

For my second add on I selected these white chevron nail decals.  I'm excited to try using them on an accent nail.  I've looked at nail decals online before, but never wanted to pay the exorbitant shipping price for a little sheet of stickers.  These were a better way for me to try decals out since they were inexpensive to begin with and the shipping is included.

My third add on was the top polish shown above, Tia (Boho Glam) is a copper and gold glittered black jelly and totally unique in my collection.  I don't own any black polish but wanted one for Halloween, but not a plain cream.  That sounded boring to me, and this is sparkly one is so fun!

I bought three add ons this month, which qualified me for a free gift.  That's always nice, especially since I was going to purchase them anyway!  Below Tia are the two polishes I got as my free gift:

  • Karmen (Bombshell): Golden crimson microglitter
  • Catrina (It Girl): Marigold yellow crème

That's what I got for October, it came in such a big box that at first I thought there had been a mistake!  I'm really happy with my choices and gifts, I went from not ready for the 31st to well stocked!

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Craftcherry said...

All those colors are so beautiful! Just LOVE the Mommy's Little Monster selection.

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