Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kushyfoot's Fall 2014 Collection

*Complimentary Review Product Provided

Fall is here to stay, the flip flops have been packed away and the shorts stored for next year too.  With the change in seasons, I've been sorting through my socks and leg wear collection and it was time for some new options.

The arrival of four pieces from the Kushyfoot Fall 2014 Collection to review, was quite timely for me!  Kushyfoot is known for its chic, well-made, yet affordable tights that are a wardrobe essential for millions of women that are both durable and comfortable.  There is also the added benefit that both their leg wear and socks have their exclusive massaging, reflexology inspired sole that enhances the wearing experience.  It's designed to relieve tension & fatigue.

This is the Opaque Knee Length 2 Pairs Value Pack.  On the left are the Fishnet style and on the right is Plain.  In this picture, and all of the following, I have positioned the sole facing up so you can see what makes Kushyfoot leg and foot wear stand out,

The fishnet allows for wears to be a little daring, by letting a bit peek out between your shoe and the bottom of your pant leg.  I guess I'm a little more daring than most because I think they are super cute when worn with ballet flats and to be honest, I tend to overheat easily so those fishnets also equal a little extra breathability to me!  Also, I like the fishnet design on socks, but a set of tights would probably be too much for me, it's nice to have this option.

I also received two sets of tights.  These Fashion Tights are in the Rib style, a very nice way to have a little extra detail on your legs.  I like how the vertical ribs also help give the illusion of leaner, longer legs.  These are thicker tights, so I think they'd provide some real added warmth during the colder months, and I think they'd look great worn with a skirt and boots.

The Shaping Tights help streamline your figure and enhance your legs.  I usually find the word shaping to equal tight and uncomfortable, but I was quite pleased to find these are much more comfortable than expected.  I will actually wear these!  That's saying a lot.  I hate to feel squeezed into anything, and these do not make me feel that way at all.

The Microfiber Crew sock was my favorite item from what was sent.  To me, this is the work horse for your collection.  They are super wearable, comfort band is great because there is almost no pressure around your leg.  You know what I mean, how after a long day when you take off your socks there is sometimes an indentation where the band was sitting against your skin?  Not that case here!  In my opinion, the only drawback to Kushyfoot's trouser socks is that their care directions say to hand wash and line dry.  I prefer the ease of machine washable!

I enjoyed doing this Kushyfoot review because their products offer a unique sole and with so many different styles that range from chic to edgy to more conservative, there are so many options!  Plus they are affordable, suggested prices range from $6.99-$9.99, and can be found at these retailers and are also available in multi packs on their site.  I hope you'll check them out!


Disclosure: A complimentary sample was sent to facilitate this review via a PR intermediary.  No other compensation was provided.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased.  Your experience may differ. 

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So neat. Never heard of these. Thanks for sharing.

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