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Ipsy Glam Bag: November 2014, Girl Meets Glitter

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This month Ipsy's theme is Girl Meets Glitter and the glam bag certainly fits that description.  I think it's really fun for the holiday, it's super sparkly and the glitter is part of the printed designed so it won't flake off and make a mess.  My eight year old has already claimed this one as her own.

Wonder Lip Paint by J. Cat Beauty in Red Potion, Full Size $4.99

I was most excited about this product, we got a full size :) so that's great!  The color is very pigmented.  I's best to apply with a lip brush or if you're lazy like me and don't care to wash it afterward a bit on a Q-tip works well too!

You only need a little and it works like a stain so as the color fades it's still quite pretty.  I just take along a little gloss or balm to layer on as the day goes on & don't feel the need to take it for reapplication.

So far despite what I've seen others say, I haven't had any issues with bleeding at the edges.  I really like it, deep berry shades are my go to for fall and winter so I'll get a lot of use out of this and it's great how it's so affordable.

This is described as an intense creamy bronze with gold shimmer.  I don't know if I'd call it intense as I think you need to layer it up to get a good bronze shade but otherwise that's exactly what it is.  Use with a primer or it might crease on you, but it's a nice to use for the stated purpose and is a nice eye base.  Would I purchase it, probably not but I do like that it retails for more than the price of the bag and we got a full size!

I hardly ever use hairspray but there have been times when it would be nice to have some on hand so I was pretty pleased to see this travel size.  Argan oil continues to be very popular in hair products but I think it was the oil that might have left my hair feeling a bit greasier than it usually is.

That's actually fine with me, because in the winter is when I run into static cling.  My hair tends to be naturally dry, but it could be a concern if yours tends to be oily.  I think, overall this is perfectly fine hair spray,  Doesn't seem to stand out as special to me, except for the slightly sweet smell, but like I said I'm glad to have it.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Orchid, Full Size $17

Oh look, another eyeliner! Quelle surprise!  Ha, at least this one is not the standard black, the purple is fun and very pretty.  I'm very happy with the color, but the Ultra Olive would've been equally as nice to receive.  I'm just glad I like the color a lot better than the first Starlooks product I sampled last April.

What makes these Gem Pencils, is of course, the sparkle in it.  If glitter by the eye is a concern for you, you'll want to stay away.  This is much finer glitter than was used in the Lord & Berry I got in my Birchbox last month and hated. Actually, the Starlooks Gem Pencil was very creamy and soft going on.  I have to admit, that after being a bit crabby to see yet another eyeliner, I ended up really liking it.  I think this is probably a full size pencil, so bonus points for that!

TEMPTU S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl, Full Size $27.50

This is a pretty expensive product, good thing I have no idea what to with it!  Yeah, highlighter seems like an extra step this minimalist is unlikely to use.  I tried to see if any friends were interested in it, but no one was so I guess I will give it a go after all.  Ipsy suggests using it in the following ways:

STEP ONE: Place a couple drops on your fingertips.
STEP TWO: Lightly dab onto the apples of the cheeks to highlight the cheekbone area.
STEP THREE: Blend upward, toward the temples, for a glowing look.

STEP ONE: Place a drop in-between your eyebrows.
STEP TWO: Sweep up toward the hairline blending outward from the central point.
STEP THREE: Apply down the bridge of the nose a light-reflecting contour to define and sculpt.

STEP ONE: Add three drops to a pump of body lotion.
STEP TWO: Rub between your hands to blend together.
STEP THREE: Apply where you normally would, paying special attention to your best assets.

This should be interesting, I think the body illumination sounds the easiest.  Do you use a highlighter?  Should I give this a chance?

If you want to join me as a ipsy subbie, please use my referral link when you sign up!  It's just $10 a month which is a great value versus the products I got.   My favorite this month is the Wonder Lip Paint by J.Cat.  What was yours?


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