Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paper Bag Mini Book & Card

This week's Scrapbook Sunday project is a mini scrapbook I made out of paper bags for my brother Dave. It's a mini scrapbook of sorts and birthday card all rolled into one. I am a big fan of paper bags because they are so inexpensive and with the wide range of colors now available you can make really fun and cute ones. I have some purples lunch bags that I am planning on using for an upcoming project, I plan on sharing those too I just have to get around to putting them together!

This one is made up out of normal brown lunch bags. I think you can figure out how to put it together from the last picture, but if anyone wants one I will try to remember to take picture step by step when I work on the ones made out of the purple bags. I think it's clear but since I know what I'm doing here I'm not really the best judge of that☺

One word of caution, while paper bag scrapbooks are fun and inexpensive they are not acid free or archival safe. It's best to use them for little projects and never use one of a kind photos always use copies.
This is the card all folded up. The view as you open the first flap to the left.Open the right flap and you see this.Lift up the top flap and you see the message underneath.
Pull down the bottom flap and the sentiment is revealed. To assemble this type of book you need four paper bags. Stack them so that the bottom portion where the folded part is, are overlapping as shown in the picture. This is the part underneath the middle Happy Birthday sentiment. Use an anywhere hole punch, like the kind you use with an eyelet setter. Punch holes and attach with brads, I used star shaped ones. I also put a little bit of glue stick on each layer before stacking. You want the open portion of the bags facing out so you'll have four pockets to slip your tags into.
Inside each flap is a tag with a message, poem, picture, or the present in the form of a gift card. I like this kind of card because it's personalized, shows you put extra effort into the gift, and is a nice presentation for a gift card. I used it as an opportunity to showcase some pictures of us together from the previous few years. The set of stickers I used were mainly from a brother themed set so it made it easy to put together.

Head on over to Noelle's or Holly's to see other fun scrapbook projects and add a comment with a link if you want us all to come by and see something you've made! If you're not ready this week, please consider joining us next week!

11 Friends Said:

The Adventures of Bear said...

I used to scrapbook, but haven't had time since Bear was born. I love this little minibook.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Katie! I would LOVE a step by step tutorial on one of these! Since I've never even seen one in person, it's hard to get the idea... ♥

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

I love it!! DO you have directions on how to make one of those that you could send to me? I have always wanted to make one!!

noelle ♥

Vickie said...

This is the first time I have seen this kind of card/miniscrapbook. Very creative. I am gonna try it. My Hubby uses brown bags, so I am all set:)

It would be great if you can show the instructions:)


Great job Katie! As always. :o)

Suzy said...

Love this little book , I hope he does too!

Mama King said...

Beautiful! What a thoughtful gift! I think I may try my hand at making one for each of my girls for Easter. Something I can put in their memory boxes for later. Your instruction & pictures help make it seem doable. Otherwise it may have seemed to difficult to tackle.

Mama King said...

I just reread the not archival part...hmmm.

Heidi Boos said...

What a great project, Katie! I love things that are quick and easy to make. I might try to make something like this with my Stampin' Up classes. I've seen a few different ideas, but not this one that opens up all four ways. Thanks for sharing!

Kris said...

What a fun book! I could see so many different possibilities to do with that!

Tina said...

Katie I am a huge paper bag album maker and had not tried this yet...great idea. Hope he likes it. You offer such fun and easy to follow ideas and instructions. Thanks for visiting my blog - and BTW I hate coloring in also...I did have to color this - using copic markers not an easy trick...working on it though.

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