Monday, July 13, 2009

Brad's Birthday Part 2

Yesterday we went over Brad's mother's house to celebrate with her, and she watched ER while we went out to lunch and a movie. It was very nice to have a birthday date! We haven't been to a movie, we don't think, since the last Harry Potter movie came out.

We enjoyed seeing the latest Star Trek movie a lot, and I thought it was a lot better than expected. I was kind of skeptical that they'd be able to reinvent things but still stay true to their original fan base. It was certainly entertaining and had a good plotline. It definitely made me curious as to what the next voyage might be.While we were gone ER had a great time with Grandma Norma. They went to the park, cooled off in the sprinkler, and baked a special treat for Daddy! Look at her go, such an experienced cook she doesn't even have to look at the bowl while mixing☺
The it was time to froast and decorate the cake. Grandma Norma has a farm themed set of sprinkles, and of course some of every type had to go on it. Have you ever seen pig and cow shaped sugar sprinkles before? I hadn't until today☺
LOL as you can see what a toddler thinks is the perfectly decorated cake entails lots of sprinkles and sugary teddy bears! It was deliciously good fun, that's for sure. With ER's 3rd birthday coming up, I'll be showing you some of the things I made for last year' tropical themed party over the next week. July is birthday month for us, with Brad's, ER's, my friend Margaret's, and my mom's all in the same month. Birthday season is kicking into high gear now!

6 Friends Said:

eriochrome said...

I think the sprinkle bombs need to come from higher altitude next time. To many concentrated in small areas. High altitude ofcourse means more mess but is that not more fun also. I am sure she had a blast making it for me so that is all the enjoyment I need.

Jennifer said...

What a little baker she is!! The cake turned out adorable!! Looks yummy!

~ Jennifer

Bobbi & Noe said...

Looks like he had a great birthday! and yummy cake!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

wow! she is my kinda baker! LOL

Alicia said...

She's getting so Where did the time go???
I swear it seeems like just a few months ago she was teeny baby E.
And yet we haven't aged a day.

Vickie said...

Our birthday party season was March.

Looks like ER did a great job with the cake. Adela would smack the icing in the middle and just keep moving it around that area until there was a hole in the cake.

Looks delicious:)``` That's me drooling LOL

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