Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Buzz on Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

This is how I look 99% of the time, frizzy hair and all! Absolutely no make up. None, zip, nada not even lipgloss anymore. I like to call it embracing my natural beauty and not laziness☺
Well look at me now! All gussied up with my Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain for a trip to the store and it's not even date night, LOL! This used to be a rare sight, even though I'm a recovering lip gloss junkie. I still have tubes and rolls stashed all over the house.

But lately, oh say for the past three years or so, I don't even have time for that. My chicklet likes being kissed all the time, and how can I refuse my sweet little girl? The lip gloss I used to attempt to wear always came off within seconds and who has time to reapply when chasing after a toddler?
Enter Cover Girls Outlast Lipstain, since getting it I've fallen in love with lip color again. It's no longer a hassle to wear, and yes I do feel a bit more pulled together with it on. I apply and it's set for hours. It stays on through an afternoon of errands, hide and seek at the playground, and a quick bite to eat.

It also feel light on the lips and didn't dry them out. Once it sets you forget you're wearing anything at all. I also like how you can adjust the intensity of color a bit. For a true stained look, think berry kissed, apply once. Apply a few layers for a deeper richer look. The only thing I had to get used to is that it feels a bit tacky on the lips while it dries, but that is only for a very short while. I choose #415 Teasing Blush to try out through Buzz Agent, and I really like the shade on me. It's a great every day color. It's precision tip applicator means I can apply it easily and without making a mess. Plus with a bit of gloss on top it's amped up enough to take this look out on the town for a real date night!

There are ten great shades available that are easy on the pocketbook. But I've got five $1.00 off coupons to send out to the first five people who leave me a comment telling me they want to give Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain or another Cover Girl lip product a try!

9 Friends Said:

gapmlm said...

I would love to give Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain a try!! Thanks for the review! :-)

Sarah said...

Okay, you convinced me! I think I need to try it! I haven't been wearing makeup hardly at all this summer myself, totally weird for me! I always wore makeup! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually just got a free one from I believe Allure. I love mine. Your post had me laughing you don't need makeup at all!

Sugarplum Garters said...

I can't wait to try this! I've been planning to look for some lip gloss lately, and after your great review, I know which one I'll be trying! Here's to hoping it actually stays on me ~ I'm horrible about eating off my lip gloss/lip stick about 2 seconds after I put it on!

Have a wonderful day!

Mama King said...

Lol! I am also a recovering lip gloss junkie! Currently my beauty routine is washing my face and pulling my hair into a pony tail! Someday my nails will be painted and my eye lashes curled! Until then maybe I'll have to pick up some lip stain!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Now, that's a lip product for me. Even when I'm teaching I do not wear much make up. Five year olds touch your face almost as much as your own kiddos. I think I will go try ti out. Thanks for the post.

RoS said...

Well - too late for the coupon!! But I DO like the lipstain idea. Think I'll try it. And - it looks great on you!!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

I have been wearing Cover Girl since I'm a teen-when I wear makeup at all. No super expensive stuff for me-I've always like their products. I would love to try the Lipstain...checked out the colors-Flirty Nude or Wild Berry!
~Thanks for the review!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Ooooo... it looks so pretty on you! Looks like it's pretty easy to achieve a more natural look with it... great review!

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