Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beach Frame with Real Sand

Hi Muffin Tin Mom Glitter Craft participants! This is my contribution, I added glitter to this frame to give it a little sparkle like real beach sand has. I hope you like it!
When I needed a decorative frame for my master bedroom it was already early fall and everything remotely beach themed had long been clearenced out at the stores. Rather than wait a whole year to fill the space on my shelf, I turned one of the dollar wooden frames from the craft store into this fun texturized frame. After making the shell crowns at our ocean themed playdate last summer, I knew that Aleene's Original Tacky Glue has great hold. After painting the frame blue, I spread a little of the glue on the frame, smeared sand into it, and sprinkled glitter on - all while the glue was still wet.In each corner I glued a few shells and spelled out "beach" with some fun plastic letters. I think it's a cute way to remember our trip, but learn from me! Pay attention to your photograph's orientation before you add the title. The photo I'd really have loved to put in my frame is a vertical not horizontal one, whoops☺

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