Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Room at the Polynesian Resort

One of the best parts of attending the Social Media Moms Celebration was getting to stay in Walt Disney World at one of their deluxe accommodations. Our room at the Polynesian Resort was quite spacious with two queen beds, a sofa that converted into a daybed, and a nice lounging chair. It also had two nice lighted closets and refrigerator, great saving money by for stashing fruit and yogurt for breakfast and extra drinks.
I enjoyed the overall look of the Polynesian, the repeated tropical theme and feel to the room and grounds. Traditional bamboo and rattan are used throughout; a nice touch was how the headboards had lights attached set on dimmers, so great for a just a little light when little ones are sleeping.
Across from the beds was a nice desk and chair where I could plug our lap top in. It was also a handy place to sit and get ready in the morning, freeing up the bathroom. Next to that was a chest of drawers that quickly got covered up with a mountain of souvenirs and park maps. I am so glad I took pictures of the room before we got settled in and spread out all our stuff.
The bathrooms had a real luxe feel to them and lots of details that Disney is really known for and that make your stay special.
Like the light fixtures with their carved bases, echoing the theme of the resort and the cute towel and wash cloth duck. I've never been on a cruise, although I know exactly what kind I want to go on, so I've never seen a towel animal before. I was probably way too excited about that. But hey it's good to appreciate the little things, right?
Signs of Mickey were even on the complimentary toiletries, I brought these cute bottles home with us. Mouse ears were also stamped into the hand soaps. The one other time we stayed in the parks, over ten years ago and in accommodations that no longer exist, I remember being most impressed by how Mickey was incorporated throughout. This time did not disappoint. We even got a tribute to Mickey on our bed when we entered.
We did not have a balcony but still got to enjoy a lovely view of the grounds next to the Rarotonga building we stayed in and the pool near our window. It's just too bad it wasn't warm enough to go swimming.
Judging by how soundly ER is sleeping, I'd say the room was hit. We only had a few minor quibbles about our stay; overall we were happy with our stay the Polynesian. It was great having access to the monorail for easy access to the Magic Kingdom the park best geared toward our 3.5 year old. I'll have more on the grounds of the Polynesian in tomorrow's post. You've got to see how gorgeous the Great Ceremonial house is.

Disclaimer: Accommadations at the Polynesian were included in my conference fee to the Social Media Moms Celebration, at a greatly reduced price.

9 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

I think that towel animal is super cute! Your room looks really nice. My kids are dying to go to Disney. And I would love to go to a blog conference some day...

Mama King said...

What a beautiful room! I too appreciate having a fridge in the room especially for my allergy girl. So glad you had a great time.

Missy said...

This room looks so fun, Katie. Very nice. Love the Mickey made out of towels. I'm sure it was a fun trip.

Felicia said...

It was a really nice place to stay! Graham didn't want to leave!

It was so nice spending time with you!

Holly Lefevre said...

I totally forgot about our towel creations when on a cruise! The room looks great and makes me want to head to Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

Gosh looks so fun how great that you had this chance!

Unknown said...

That looks so fun! I love the Poly designs in the room:)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I'm so glad you posted a picture of the room. Since I live in Celebration, I didn't stay in the hotel, I stayed at home snd didn't get to see one of the rooms. It really is a fabulous looking room.

Susana said...

We stayed at the Polynesian our first trip to Disney. You are right, the grounds are beautiful and the lobby is impressive too with all the flowers.

If you go back, you should eat at Kona, it's become one of our fave places to eat in Disney. Even though we don't stay at Polynesian each time we always eat at Kona!!

LOVE Disney, and can't wait for our trip this Fall:-)!!

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