Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Polynesian Resort

Yesterday I shared our room at the Polynesian and while they were nicely appointed, it's the grounds and that really shine. Brad took a boat from the resort to the Magic Kingdom and got these lovely waterside views of it. He said it was chilly and slower than the monorail but worth it and great to see the different resorts from another angle. If it had been a little warmer we'd have taken ER on it too.
He also checked out the awesome looking main pool! I can't begin to explain how sad I am we didn't get a chance to play in it. I didn't expect too, yes it's Florida but it's still February. ER loves swimming so we didn't show it to her. Ah well, at least the ducks were enjoying a pretty view of the Grand Floridian. That's where I've always dreamed of day! We did see some brave souls jumping in the water later on. Brad said the pool is heated and it did feel considerably warmer in that area...but still with temps in the 50s...I'll pass.Back inside and away from some of the coldest temperatures Florida's had all year, is this amazing volcanic rock, waterfall, and floral centerpiece that dominates your view as you enter the Great Ceremonial House.
It is incredible! Coconut palms tower over more than 75 tropical plants. I was a little obsessed with photographing it, there were just so many beautiful views and different plants to see.Capturing nature was what first got me hooked on photography, which sadly I haven't had as much opportunity to indulge in lately.
I think this view from the second floor, overlooking it gives you a better idea of how immense it is.
Obligatory tourist photo in the lobby right before check out☺The attention to detail and Disney's ability to thrill the senses begins before you step into the Grand Ceremonial House. The walk up to it is so green and lush. It's lined with water features including small ponds and waterfalls; I loved it! I got that pink fleece during the conference meetings on Friday, it was so thick and warm. It was fun seeing other attendees wearing them around the park.
It was fabulous having beautiful photo ops right at our hotel. Wouldn't expect anything less from Disney would you?
It was also beautiful at night when the torches were lit up.
We did not have an opportunity to eat at Kona Café or 'Ohana, our nights were filled with special events. We did grab quick breakfasts and snacks at Captain Cooks, it can be hard to find a table during busy times, but cast members will help you round up extra chairs.You can purchase made to order meals at kiosks, we tried the breakfast sandwiches, an order of two was six dollars and filling. Brad commented that while the prices were a little high, they weren't obnoxious nor was it worth leaving the park to eat elsewhere. That's saying a lot because he can be mean frugal. Naturally ER had to have Mickey shaped waffles, really thick and filling. You can also get scrambled eggs and sides of bacon ordered a la carte, plus freshy baked goods and other sides and drinks from the refridgerated area. For me the biggest draw to Captain Cook was their self serve Dole Whip station. A mix of pineapple and vanilla flavored self serve ice cream, seriously delicious. I mean can it get any better? Had to indulge more than once.
These are the light fixtures along the hallway to Captain Cooks, I just thought they were neat looking.
There are three stores inside of The Great Ceremonial House, this is the Tiki Boutique located on the main level. It's primarily a clothing store.
Upstairs near the monorail entrance is another store, that interested me more. I love browsing this kind of of stuff. All sorts of neat knick knacks are available plus a surprisingly large number of kitchenware. The Mickey shaped ice cube trays were really fun.
It's also where most of the toys are found. ER found this particular wall to be of high interest...I think she'd have liked one of everything but especially that Tinkerbell doll. I kind of regret not getting it for her. Don't feel to badly for her, as she did leave with a Minnie and Marie from the Aristocats plush dolls. We had a no more than one doll per day rule☺There are also opportunities to shop for fine art. I planned on stopping in but didn't get a chance to visit it when I didn't have ER with me and it did not look like a kid friendly store.

The Polynesian has many amenities, the main one of importance being for us, their access to the monorail. It was by far the quickest method of getting to Magic Kingdom and great for families wishing to return to their room for a break and to get back quickly for late night parades.
Disclaimer: Our stay at the Polynesian was included in my conference ticket to the Social Media Mom's Celebration, at a greatly reduced price. I was not asked nor required to post about our stay, this is what I'd have posted anyway to share with my family and friends.

7 Friends Said:

Jennifer said...

Sigh!!! We stayed at the Polynesian Resort many years ago when we took our first family trip to Disney. I loved it then, and I certainly love it now! I sooo want to stay there again!!

~ Jennifer

RoS said...

It is a beautiful spot. Glad you took lots of pics so I can remember it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Katie. So peaceful looking. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

The resort looks absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely consider staying there.

Felicia said...

Seeing these photos makes me long to be back at Disney.. I have actually been having dreams about the Polynesian and our room... I am homesick! LOL!

Mama King said...

Even at 50 degrees it looks and sounds like paradise!

Vickie said...

Oh wow! That place looks so dreamy! The Disney waffle is so cute!

It didn't dawn on me that you were back. Even when you posted a comment on Facebook. I am just not with it;)

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