Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lambert's Cafe: Home of Throwed Rolls

We must look like people you do not throw anything at, because no rolls were actually thrown at us during out visit. Rather, they were handed to us very nicely, although we did see some get a lot of air on our way out. We had the pleasure of experiencing Lambert's Cafe on our drive to Brad's Grandma's in Missouri. I've been wanting to stop there ever since seeing them featured on the Travel Channel. They feature large portions, a rustic but lively atmostphere with what has to be thousands of license plates on the walls, and pass arounds including fried okra, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes, black eyed peas, and sorghum. The last of which, we had no idea what was. The look on Brad's face must have said it all, as the server quickly explained it was molasses for the rolls. I especially liked the fried potatoes and onions and fried okra, which like all the pass arounds are frequently brought by the servers in large pots to you.
A lot of their menu was unfamiliar territory, all you can eat chicken gizzards, the chicken livers, and hog jowl we passed on. But you let me know if you've been to Lambert's and tried them, maybe you'll convince me to indulge next time...highly unlikely but nothing's impossible. We also don't see anything like Something Southern on our table, ever, but "All the white beans a body can eat with your choice of ham or bologna and 2 vegetables served with a King Edwards cigar or Big Red chewing gum" must be ordered often enough to keep it on the menu. Can you believe a cigar is an option, what a hoot!
I'm afraid we stuck with rather boring selections a burger for Brad and chicken tendars for ER. I got charbroiled chicken breast, after being told the chicken and dumplings can be on the salty side, and in case it doesn't look ginormous in the photo above, take another look below.
Can you believe the size of this sucker? I thought I was ordering chicken breast not almost the whole bird! It was pretty good, the jucies were yummy, and everyone got their fill of it. Brad and ER both ate some and we still didn't finish it. Combined with the endless pass arounds you really could eat all day. For the record the rolls are really good, hot and slightly sweet, I could eat a ton of them alone! So bring your appetite if you happen upon one of Lambert's Cafe's three locations and your cash because credit cards aren't accepted.

10 Friends Said:

Kathy Campbell said...

I love Lamberts! Went there often when I was going to college in Missouri. Their sides are SO good!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

My grandmother also lives in Missouri. The last time we were out there, my aunt wanted to take us to Lambert's Cafe, but we ran out of time after visiting all the family.

That is a huge single order of chicken! Wow!

Jennifer said...

If THAT's the chicken breast, I really don't want to see how big that chicken was! ;-)

Looks yummy though!

~ Jennifer

Mama King said...

I saw that episode too! It made me want to go. Looks delicious. Glad you were able to break up your trip with a fun pit stop.

Nicole said...

Ha! I have heard of this place! Haven't ever been there though. The menu sounds like something you would find anywhere here in NC! LOL

That chicken looked yummy!

Holly Lefevre said...

I have actually heard of Lamberts before...maybe my friends who recently moved out that way. That was quit the chicken breast!

Missy said...

Fun place! Their is one near the Alabama coast. A few hours from us. Oh, I love sorghum with biscuits. So good. Give it a try sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that is a huge chicken! How funny!

Julie said...

I had no idea that place was so popular! I've been there too- I used to travel to Cape Girardeau, MO a lot for work. What a small world!

Vickie said...

I like those kind of restaurants. Though there is nothing wrong with the boring stuff. I would rather get that stuff than the funky stuff.


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