Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Review: Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts

Weighing in at over 450 pages, Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts is quite a resource and a very helpful companion to a study of the Old and New Testament. Presented in full color, I was most excited about the maps because I love being able to read parts of the Bible and then be able to look up and see exactly where the stories took place.

The book is laid out in a very organized manner, in the same order as the book in the Bible, making information very easy to access. Charts provide summaries of events or themes and tie everything happening together. I think this would be great for group study as all the maps and charts are available for download and would be very helpful visual aides.

I also liked that some historic details were given, for example when the four gospels were discussed a little bit about the Herodian Dynasty was shared along with a family tree, diagram of Herod's Temple, and table of the New Testament Political Rulers. When appropriate, photos of relevant places are also included. It all helps me visualize the Bible better. This is a great reference book that will be referred to and used for many years.

Publisher Synopsis:

Beautiful full-color maps and charts illuminate the Scriptures.

This updated edition of Thomas Nelson’s popular Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts has everything your customers need to visualize the events, places, and people in the Old and New Testaments.

The resources include:
  • New, full-color, high-resolution maps and charts.
  • Downloadable PDFs of maps and charts for presentations and classes.
  • Tables, charts, and diagrams that organize Bible information for ease of learning and memorization.
  • Historical articles providing insight into Bible times.
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible.
Perfect for small-group leaders, Bible school teachers, and anyone curious about biblical times or wanting to locate key events from Scripture, Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts provides a visual overview of the Bible in its entirety.


Disclaimer: I reviewed this book as part of Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze program, and this post relates my own unbiased opinions and experience with this title. Yours may differ.

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