Friday, March 5, 2010

Kaerie Faerie: One World One Heart Winner

Look what mythical creature has made her way to our house! ER think's we have a resident from Pixie Hallow in our mist and calls her Tinkerbell. Perhaps she is, after all, she did come from Florida by way of Karen aka Kaerie Faerie. I won her through her One Heart One World Giveaway. You have got to see the creative story Karen put together for her post. It was delightful to read and I am so happy I won Happiness☺She is fitting right in with her new surroundings and has already made friends with the resident fairy, Bluebell. You might remember her and their house from the birthday party ER went to last summer. Happiness is so lovely and charmingly handmade, I was in awe of all the details; she even arrived complete with pixie dust, with a sprinkle of glitter in the tissue paper wrapping. I don't let ER play with her, but Happiness does like to sit on ER's special shelf and make sure all the babies and dollies in the room are well behaved.
Karen creates in the space above, all the soft sculpture art dolls she sells on Twigs Faerie Land. She told me, "I live with faeries and mermaids, and I'm just enjoying my retirement and the tranquility of life." Sounds like a beautiful life! Crafting all her fanciful friends must be a joy! In Karen's world there are...
Faeries like the French Faerie Noel. She stands 12 inches, pima cotton body painted in acrylic paint, top coat of sparkle paint, movable arms, pen and pencil face, yarn wig, couture style gown of satin brocade, antique lace trims, organza petti coat, trimmed in screen silky print, metallic lace, ribbon roses, assorted gems, sequins, feathers, acrylic painted shoes,net wings.
Elves like Candy Elf Girl, a sweet little elf, sugar and spice and everything nice, was the little poem that inspired this collection of elves. Her body is pima cotton & paperclay, acrylic & glitter paint, pen & pencil face, yarn hair, pink velvet top, lace ruffled panties, glitter chiffon skirts, fiberfill & sealer.
This little Pixie, Rag A Muffin lives at the Tea Shop. She is one of the official goodie testers, she is very good at her job. The soft sculpture 10 inch doll is made of Swiss Cotton, painted in several coats of white acrylic paint, white gloss topcoat, face is ink and pencil, yarn hair, movable arms, antique lace dress with beaded applique, embroidered pantaloons, felted shoes, hand stitched.
The prettiest clowns you've ever seen can also be found there. Powder Puff Clown loves to sit on your dressing table or dresser, 13 inch soft sculpture marionette style clown, clown is made from screen print cotton, written on fabric a romantic song, fluff white yarn hair, face is chalk and ink, tu-tu is edged, pink organza pleated and gathered, embellished with pom-pom trims, ribbons wrap legs and arms, pom-pom trim and acrylic gems surround her neck.
And the most amazing and detailed mermaids, Jewel of the Sea is my favorite resident of Karen's Twigs Faerie Land, all of which are one of a kind art dolls. If you'd like to add a some whimsy and touch make believe into your life, I hope you'll visit Karen's. Thank you again Karen for sending us you beautiful faerie doll Happiness. She'll bring plenty to our home for years to come!


{Photos and product descriptions used with permission.}

2 Friends Said:

Ticia said...

So pretty. Sigh, maybe someday.....

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

how cute! i won a owoh giveaway and STILL have not gotten my win, not heard from the person when i contacted them about it... so nice huh?? :( NOT!!

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