Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Crafts

Hi Everyone! I want to thank everyone for their heartfelt condolences. Last weekend was tough and very emotional, but it was good to have closure and see Grandma lowered into the ground. I am still taking some time off but since...

I already has this round up of last year's crafts prepared for last week and with Easter this weekend, it seemed like a good time to remind you of them. This way if you're inspired, you have time to do some of them. The children's art project and baking activity are especially easy to add to your last minute plans.
It wouldn't be Easter without treat basket! When you only need something small, these upcycled Easter treat holders are perfect. It's hard to believe they started their life as toddler snack containers.

I always love a handmade touch to any holiday! Below are some special things I've made for family and friends;
I've got three simple Easter cards you can make and use up some of those paper scraps. A handmade greeting is always a great way to show someone you care.
I made this cute sign and framed Spring Has Sprung art for a Handmade Easter Swap. Both started out with bases that were only a dollar each! Decoupaging paper and adding embellishments make them cute one of a kind decorations.
These next two crafts are easy ways to get your kids involved in Easter and if you're like me, you already have most of the materials on hand!
Paper plates never looked so cute! Turn two into this fun paper plate chick, easy toddler art for kids who love to paint and paint!
This Easter Peep Sunflower Cake is easy to decorate, even with a toddler doing most of the work it still turns out super cute. Plus it's surprisingly good!


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10 Friends Said:

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hi sweetie!! i can't find that cutie pie easter wall hanging you made me! it just dawned on me that i don't have it out... yikes! i have so much holiday decor, its probably in the wrong box:(

Rebecca said...

Adorable!! Love the Suzies zoo card :)

Jennifer said...

Wow! It took me awhile to post a comment this morning! Whew!

Anyway - LOVE your crafts and the cards! Really cute!!

Please know that I continue to keep your family in my prayers as you grieve the loss of your grandmother!


Teri said...

These are very cute, Katie! I love the cute little duckies on your Easter baskets! Adorable! To answer your question from last week, I don't have a 12X12 printer, but I had some 12X12 transparencies from several years ago that I bought at Walmart in the states (we didn't have them here in Canada). They had sentiments written across them. I only have a couple left, but it's taken me four years to go through them! :) I am glad to hear that you starting to feel a little better; I am also glad that you are taking the time off for yourself. Take care! :)

Katie said...

I am so glad you reminded us of the adorable sunflower peeps cake, because I made a note to do that with the kids this year but had already forgotten about it. Anxious to catch up with you!

Kaysi said...

Those are super cute, I really like the duck with the plates! I really need to do that with my kids. Thanks for the ideas!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

What fun duckie projects! So fun for Easter and Spring!


Anonymous said...

Oh the peeps cake is adorable. Hope your doing well...hugs.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

I LOVE that peep cake! So cute!!! Great ideas, Katie! :-)

Unknown said...

You're really talented!! I love your Framed Spring Has Sprung Art. Budget friendly & beautiful - love it! Thanks for sharing!

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