Friday, May 20, 2011

29 Weeks

Side View of Baby's Head

We just got back from our ultrasound, and I can't get over how much bigger he looks from the 20 week one!  Baby is about 3 lbs., which puts him in the 50th percentile, so right on target size wise.  Being diabetic, the concern is always about a baby too small or too big so I'm really happy with his growth.  We got to see him practicing breathing and while he is still breach, he did do a full flip during his on screen time.  Good to know he's got plenty of room to move around.  Fluid levels and everything else looks really good so I don't have to go back for another four weeks.

Still haven't decided on a name, we have narrowed it down to two but I can't seem to make a final decision.  Brad is fine with either and really doesn't have much of an opinion other then when he exercises veto power.  I'm thinking that when our little love finally joins us, we'll hold him and just know.  At least that's what I'm hoping.  ER is still lobbying for "Bob Steve".
View of Baby Head from Above

Over all I am doing fine, I have the normal discomforts but have been able to do some exercising and be a little more active.  On the flipside I have begun to have some swelling in the feet and ankles so after I have to stop and have more periods of sitting with my legs up.  But at least I'm not in as much pain just standing, that was pretty stinky.  My sister-in-law gave me a prenatal yoga video to watch and I'm hoping that will help too, have any of you tried doing yoga to help with growing pains?


10 Friends Said:

Tracy said...

Congratulations on your baby! Everyone I know is either getting married or having children right now :)

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I am so happy all is doing well! That top photo is perfect!

Jenny said...

I love ultrasound pics! Look at that sweet little profile! So cute!

Good luck with the yoga. I didn't try that when I was pregnant. I hope it helps!

Jessica Buffa said...

So glad you and baby are well. I vote for Bob Steve too! Right on ER. LOL. It still amazes me that technology is so advanced to be so detailed in showing us pics of our babies in the womb. Even after having 4 of my own! Awesome news Katie! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yay! We had two names for Gavyn. It was either Gavyn or Caleb. I knew as soon as I held him he was a Gavyn. I've never done yoga so no help there. Hope you feel better soon from pains, they are never fun.

Tara said...

Glad you both are perfectly healthy minus the swelling. I haven't exercised one bit but as busy as I've stayed, I think that is exercise enough. However, after my appt. yesterday, I think they need to staple my mouth closed :-(

I vote for Bob Steve, too!

Maria Matter said...

what beautiful pictures Katie!
so happy for you!
take care!

ginabad said...

Beautiful! Oh man, ultrasounds look really good now, I'm so glad the baby is coming along just right in size. Is it a boy? (you said "Bob Steve" so I'm assuming!)

I wish you guys well and hope he keeps growing strong!
Gina B

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! How sweet his little profile is on the ultrasound!

Blessings & Aloha!
It has been such a long time, since I have stopped over (barely have time to do my return thank you visits to those that leave a comment at my place, and get one post up a week! :o)... wanted to stop by and say hi and hope that you all have been doing very well!)

MaryAnne said...

Love the ultrasound pictures! Glad he's growing well.

For growing pains, the thing that has helped me the most is sitting on one of those huge exercise balls. Doesn't solve the problems, but definitely helps - along with hot water bottles. Hope you feel better soon!

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