Friday, January 20, 2012

Bottle Cap Necklaces

So far this year I've had a card to share on Fridays but I've been busy this week trying to finish everything for a little bit of happy mail we are sending my friend Sharon from Mama's a Mess! and her daughters.  I've decided to let it count as my card of the week.  Like how I let myself "cheat" and it's only the third Friday of 2012!

Hopefully we'll be popping everything in the mail on Monday.  Aren't these bottle cap necklaces adorable?  We made some to send to K and M and for some other little friends of ours for Valentine's Day.  They are going to be tied around something for the girls, used like a gift tag...see the connection to a card.  I know, it's a stretch but once you see everything going in the box, hopefully you'll agree to let me slide. 
Here's some more info on the necklaces, in case you want to make some too.  You can download the illustrations for them at The Craft Nest.  They are perfectly sized to punch out easily with a 1" circle punch.  I used 1" flattened bottle caps, flattened because they have fewer sharp points than regular ones, from for mine.  The necklaces came together in a snap, just layer, using a little Diamond Glaze for the glue, and wait to dry.  I added a little rub-on, like these in bubblegum pink, for the first initial for each girl too, so sweet and ready for gifting.

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4 Friends Said:

Lindsay said...

This is an adorable idea! My girls would love these! Thanks for sharing!

Cap Creations said...

Adorable for sure. Love the artwork! If you don't mind me saying we have a great tutorial for bottle cap necklaces too. And magnets.

You can find them here:

***Sharon*** said...

KATIE!!!!!! Those are CRAZY CUTE!!!! And you know what? M has had this crazy fascination with bottle caps she's been finding on the ground! (unfortunately she usually finds them in the park.....LOL) can't wait to receive them! Will let you know when they arrive!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Those are so adorable!!! I know K and M will love them, lucky girls :)

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