Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowman Math

Snowman Math Materials

Math Mat (above)
Cotton Balls
Dry Erase Marker & Sheet of Kleenex for Eraser
Page Protector or Laminate

I love being able to make my own learning materials for ER using the beautiful digital scrapbooking kits I've collected.  This simple addition activity I created with Let It Snow, a now retired kit from Louise Franks Designs.  (Visit the kit release post to download the Design Team Quick Pages I created, they're still available for free download.)

Snowman Math is simple and straight forward to do.  Roll a dice for the first number.  Write it on the first blank line.  Roll again for the second number and write it on the second blank line.  Use cotton balls to represent each numeral and place on the corresponding snowman.  For example, if the first roll is a two, place two snowballs on the first snowman image.  Then count up all the math manipulatives, in this case the cotton balls, to get the total.

I printed the math mat on high resolution paper so the colors would be nice and vibrant.  Then slipped it into an empty page protector for a cheap way to "laminate" it and make it reusable.  On the otherside of the page protector, I slipped in a copy of this printable of Rhymes to Help Students Write Their Numbers, thank you to Miss Ingram for providing it.  That way ER can refer to it, if she needs help while writing.  I also put a piece of cardstock in between the two to make it a little stiffer and easier for ER to write and erase on.
Besides the cotton balls, we sometimes use some fun snowflake counters that I also used to Let It Snow to create.  We also use them to create patterns.  I glued them to an old empty cereal box before cutting them apart and "laminated" with clear packing tape so we can use them over and over.

Linking this up to the weekly linky at the blog I helped co-found, ABC & 123: A Learning Cooperative.


Disclosure: As a member of the Louise Franks Design Team, I received access to kits to create promotional items.  While this was not part of a DT assignment, I did use a complimentary kit to create them and in the interest of full disclosure am noting this for readers.

2 Friends Said:

Liz Mays said...

I love that cute little game!

My Diabetic Sweet Life said...

What a great idea - I love how you're so creative!

Let It Snow may be revamped and released next year as I have some more ideas for it :)

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