Monday, January 30, 2012

Pocket & Flap Mini Book

This is a mini book I made for my friend Sharon.  I thought a uber bright and sunny paper would be perfect for her as she kicks back and enjoys all the warm weather living in Hawaii comes with.  "A Whale of a Good Time" seemed like a very appropriate title too!  Hopefully she's had more luck seeing one off the coast than we did on our honeymoon to the Islands.
The book both begins and ends with the same whale and owl papers.  These are also pocket pages with a simple cardstock insert for her to add more photos.
Turn the page and you see the other side of the owl paper.  The paper on the right was just too pretty, I couldn't cover it up!  Sharon can choose to or journal right on it so the you can still see the pattern.  A black felt tip pen would work great.
Here's the other side of paper pocket and the first "surprise" of the book, a fold out flap.
When the page is opened up, you can see where I added the photo and blue mats.  There are also blank areas for her to add journaling details.  The gumdrops with SWEET on them is a sticker I added along with the glittery unicorn.
There are two photo mats on the next pages, just love the bold graphic floral and the sprouting mushrooms.  The paper is so bright and colorful, I really let it shine and left a lot more showing than I normally would.
The mushrooms are another flap page and on the otherside is a great little "Growing Up" title, with glitter and an epoxy mushroom.
Inside the flap is this super cute mushroom paper.  I added a leaf print photo mat and another mat she can either add a photo or journaling to.  The chipboard mushroom has some epoxy on it and is really fun!
Lots of goodies here, an embellished chipboard "What a Hoot" title, which I know Sharon will have the perfect picture for.  She is always posting pictures of her youngest doing the cutest things!  On the other side I added ribbon and an adorable sock monkey charm to the photo mat.
As I mentioned at the beginning the book concludes with the same papers, photo mat placement, and similar sparkly embellishments for a mirror image effect.  This is one of my favorite projects to date and I had a blast making it just for Sharon.  It took me forever to decide on the perfect papers for her and I hope she loves it as much as I do!
Here's a little glimpse of some of the details.  Aren't they scrumptious?  Love the glitter, layers, epoxy, metal...oh how I love my embellishments!

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3 Friends Said:

Kathy Ireland said...

That's gorgeous! I love mini books. They're my favourite.

Nirupama said...

the mushrooms are adorable...
thanks for visiting my blog, the staples stuff is definitely cheaper than michaels. hope you found something you liked!

peata said...

sweet mini.
Im sure she'll love it.
make a mini album

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