Friday, March 30, 2012

A Princess Jotter for Abby

I needed to send something to my blogging friend Jenny but I couldn't just send something for her.  There had to be something for her sweet daughter included too, don't you think?  I've been making these little jotters for ER to put her drawings in for quite some time and thought Abby might like one too.  ER picked out the papers and rub-ons; we hope Abby likes princesses!  They each measure about 5X7 and are quite easy to make. 
Start with a piece of heavy weight paper, ours is also embossed.   Cut paper to 5X10 and fold in half for the cover.  Cut several sheets of copy paper to 4.5X9.5 and fold in half.  Slide papers inside of cover to check for placement.  Holding stack firmly in place, open papers and cover.  Place on top of the foam part of an old mouse pad.  The stacked blank papers should be on the bottom against the mouse pad and the patterned side of your cover on top. 

Open a stapler and line up on top of folded crease.  Staple down through cover and papers, at the crease three times to make the spine.  Gently pull up, taking care that the staples remain embedded in the papers.  The staple prongs will be open into the center of your jotter.  Gently press the prongs down and close the staple, binding your jotter.

Use your jotter for drawings, stories, poems, or whatever you fancy.  The pink one will soon be heading to Abby and the purple one is for ER to take on a short trip we'll be taking soon.  The size is a nice one for little hands. 


5 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, it's adorable! Abby is sitting right here and she immediately saw her name and was so excited!

You are so kind. I wish I was crafty enough to make you something in return!

Glenda said...

How cute. All little girls love Princesses.

Ticia said...

My kids love to make books like this. Yours are much cuter than the ones we use.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Awesome and you can never go wrong with pink and princesses!

Victoria said...

These look great! I love this idea :)
I have awarded your blog with the Versatile Blogger Award!! Now it's your turn to pass it on to 15 of your fave blogs! My post:


Victoria at Mrs. Camera Happy

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