Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cuddleuppets Review

Have you heard the infectious jingle for CuddleUppets, the innovative combination toy and blanket for kids?  My daughter has been wanting one ever since she first saw the commercial and a few days ago her dreams came true when Blue Elephant arrived in the mail for us to review.  She loves all the little details like the tail and feet on each corner of the blanket.
Once it was opened she immediately began singing the song from the commercial and making her elephant dance.  Then she snuggled up with it and exclaimed how soft it was, she even took a little cat nap.  The fleecy material is nice and plush.  Even though it's summer, on that day it was rainy and cool so it was just the thing to lay under while watching some television.  She looked so cute with her new CuddleUppet and it's a pretty generous size for a play blanket.  I think it'll be great for the car too.
The only thing I was disappointed in, was that ours has a manufactoring defect.  The head of our Blue Elephant isn't sewed on to the blanket properly.  There was a hole at the seams.  It was easy enough to hand sew up but if I had purchased the CuddleUppet I would have made a phone call to customer service. 
CuddleUppets come in 6 fun styles: Pink Poodle, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Green Crocodile and Blue Elephant. The animals can be bought online at and retail for $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping and handling.  A $3 discount on both the toy and shipping is available for additional Cuddleuppets purchased at the same time.  If you buy even more, then shipping is free... although whether the shipping is free on just the additional CuddleUppet or if your entire order ships for free is unclear. 

Here is the commercial, just in case your kids haven't been singing it around the clock, like mine!

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Disclaimer:  A complimentary review product was provided.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased.

2 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

Why do their eyes look like that? How strange!

Katie said...

Jenny - ER thinks it's because they are sleepy.

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