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Project Life Week 21 & Organizing Your Week

This week looks deceptively straight forward and fairly simple, doesn't it?  Somehow it managed to be the most frustrating week to assemble yet!  No matter what I did, it just wasn't coming together.  It's the first time I used Design B (Right Side) and I think all those little 3X4 spaces had me stumped.  Plus I tried printing and reprinting a couple different sized photos.  The printer and I were not getting along.  Not one bit.  Normally I have a fabulous photo printer, I love the colors, just how I see them on the monitor.  This week black smudges on everything...grrrr!  Okay, I'm over it now.  Onto my happy place, sharing the week!
My husband is working on finishing the basement and to get out of his hair, I take the kids and go see my parents on the weekend.  He gets a lot more done without us underfoot.  Almost all of the pictures on this page are from our visit on Sunday.  Isn't that picture of the flowers from the hanging basket we gave my Mom for Mother's Day cool?  Just had to blow that up and really enjoy it!

The only picture not taken at their place, is the annual photo of ER by the big lilac bushes next to our deck.  They are so gorgeous!  I spied a little bee doing his thing while out there, love the close up detail of the lilacs.  LB was fussy so no picture of him with the bushes this year, which is okay.  We didn't move into our house until after ER was a year old so my plan is to start the same year I started collecting them with her.

Let's see now, credits...the "Document Life" I popped the dates on is from Crystal Wilkerson, so is the 3X4 polka dot paper.  Camera from Take Note by WM Squared Designs and digital lable by Chelle's Creations
My solution for Design B was to think of the page as laid out in columns.  It starts with Tuesday at the top left, Wednesday is below.  Next to it is Friday and then Saturday is the last "column".  This is the best I could come up with organizing the page and events so it progressed from left to right in the order of the week. 

The rest of the week was busy too.  We had our big cookie sale reward party for our Daisy troop at a local bounce place.   A friend from school came over; we walked back to our home together, something the girls thought was extra special.  Then we had a four day weekend for Memorial Day and on Friday a friend came and spent the day, because her mom's school district was still in session.  That was big fun with a fashion show, Barbies, sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, you name it and we did it! 

On Saturday it was back to the Grand's again.  My mom helped me pick out flowers for our front walk and porch.  I didn't used to like petunias all that much, until I realized they were pretty hardy growers for people with brown thumbs like moi!  Now they are practically the only things I buy.

Lots more digi-hybrid goodness this week.  "This is the Good Life" is Crystal again, with the addition of a journaling circle.  The Daisy outing in the top left, uses a Facebook freebie from Digital Design Essentials.  As of this posting, it's still available for a "Like" on Facebook.  It coordinates with the Live Free: Love Life freebies from Miss Tina that a lot of Project Lifers use.  If you dabble in digi I suggest you snag it while you can. 

Speaking of those freebies from Miss Tina, the two other journaling cards use portions of the journaling cards.  I used the striped one along with the free Blank Lined 3X4 Journal Card from Melissa at A Vegas Girl at Heart to make the card in the bottom right about our day with my parents. 

Now for a few questions for all the Project Lifers out there is...do you try to progress from the left side to the right in a chronological order when placing your photos for the week?  Or do you just lay out your photos in a manner that is pleasing to your eyes?  Do you try to keep things in any kind of order or do you just figure that if it happened that week all that matters is that it's on there somewhere.  Perhaps it's not as important to keep track of what day a particular thing happned? While I know there is no right or wrong, I am curious to see what works for other participants!  Maybe this need for order is my Type A personality showing? 

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9 Friends Said:

School Sparks Renee said...

Looks like a fun week. Hope the basement got done and your printer straightened out! :) Renee

Fiona said...

I love how your pages turned out! Lots of nice colours to compliment your photos. I should probably try to mix up my album with other page styles too!

I usually start with the first half of the week (Mon-Wed or Thurs) on the left hand side and the last half on the right. It depends how much happened and when as to which days go where. I don't usually make a big deal about which things happened on which days because I figure in just a year or so I won't care. I just want to have it all in there, but it suits my sense of order to have it flow somewhat chronologically! Apart from that, I just try to balance out busy photos or close ups, with wider shots and calming pictures. I must admit this is a work in progress ;)

Have a happy day!

Fiona xoxo

Ronnie said...

The final product looks beautiful, Katie! I know what you mean that sometimes the layouts just don't seem to come together, though.

I generally go through the week chronologically, but am very flexible. I usually start the layout with my 'hero shot' of the week, and then depending on what photos I'm using and how they go together, I'm happy to shuffle things around. I figure that since I've labelled each photo with the date and day, it really doesn't matter if they're not in order because one quick glance will tell me which day of the week I took it on!

So glad I came by to see your layout!

Ronnie xo

Melissa Whittaker said...

Great layout! So glad you got to use my freebie! :)

Vicki said...

Wow! Gorgeous photos and layout. Love it!

Jenny said...

Bummer about the printer!

That is exciting that you all are finishing the basement, some day we hope to do that too. Or should I say my husband hopes to do that. I would prefer a sunroom instead :)

I just love lilac bushes. They are so pretty and smell lovely!

Your layouts are awesome, as always!

Jules said...

Lovely oages.

Like you, I have a touch of OCD when it comes to being organised in most everything, but as I'm being very relaxed about PL, I put in my photos in my layout how they look best and what feels right rather than in strict chronological order. Seems to work for me that way.

kate adderley said...

Hi Katie, love all the flower pics, lm missing all the prettiness in the garden here as we are in Winter, beautiful pages

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

If I was doing Project Life, I'd probably try really hard to do it chronologically because that's just me - I like things shown in the order they happened.

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