Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life Week 22

Can't believe we're onto June already and how much easier it's been to keep up with Project Life, on this my third try.  I think having a baby really motivates me, those little faces change so quickly and if I didn't have PL I think a lot of little details would've already been forgotten. 
Having a built in support group through Jessica's weekly linky has helped a lot too.  It's so fun to see what you're all to and to have a constant source of inspiration.  Thank you so much to everyone came by last week and gave me their two cents about my dilemma.  I really appreciate your help and opinions!  Filling in the backside of Design B wasn't nearly so tough this week. I kind of kept the way the slots are orientated while taking pictures this week, mentally placing them as I took them.   
On Memorial Day we had a fun Make Your Own Hot Dog Bar and I used some great free printables from The Hostess With the Mostess.  I incorporated extra bits into my PL spread through the week title card and two journaling cards.  The "Thirst Quencher" is actually part of an extra water bottle wrap.

The first picture is of LB looking adorable in the awesome hooded towel my friend Sharon made at my request.  She looked long and hard for the perfect fabric and I just love it.  It's so big and plush, and makes it a lot easier to carry him from the bath tub to bedroom.  When he's older he can use it as a bath cape. You can tell it's one really made towel by an experienced sewer.  I'm a long way off from I could never make one this nice.  It's all in the details, like the blue edging.  She sells them at her etsy store Happy Hapa and I can't recommend her enough. 
The rest of Design B features the Memorial Day dinner my friend Margaret and I put together and the cool push and ride on Mickey airplane they brought LB.  It's really fancy with twirling spinner, lights, music, and shape sorter.  He just loves it but was hesistant about actually getting on it.  His sister convinced him to give it a try and then pushed him around the family room the next day.  I took a photo to email Margaret so I had proof he did eventually get on.  It was too cute to not end up in the PL week too.

I put in a 6X6 insert to show the detail pictures of the Make Your Own Hot Dog Bar and on the reverse are pictures from the Make Your Own Sundae Bar we had for dessert.  (Use the links to see the posts I did on each and for more photos.)
The second part of the week's spread has my MIL's birthday on haf and then a family picnic, weather changes, and a cute moment between father and son.
When we saw Grandma Norma for her birthday on Wednesday, she gave ER a special holiday Barbie for ER to try and keep in nice condition.   This way she's can prove she take care of her things and is mature enough for an American Girl doll for her 6th birthday in July.  Grandma Norma picked it up, still in the box, at a garage sale and on a fun note, ER round the Barbie in her Barbie collector's book.  She thought that was pretty neat.

On the bottom is a photo series of LB crawling up the step between Grandma's family room and kitchen.  He wants to tackle our stairs but the baby gates prevent him.  I swear he had a little glimmer in his eye when he turned around to smile at me after he went up.

I used a fold up card to make a pull out so I could include more of event's story.  The little birdy card is an edited version from Oh Happy Day, a free kit I got for signing up for the newsletter from Digital Design Essentials. The quote on the original wasn't quite right for this purpose, so I cloned it out and added a different birthday quote in PS Elements. 
I finally cracked and joined the washi tape craze, after finding some rolls at Target in the office supply section for a good price.  Four rolls for four dollars equals a dollar a piece, couldn't pass that up!   Here is a post from the WIP Blog that shows you how they are displayed, in case you are wandering around looking for them.

The Smashbook stuff happened to be on sale and I picked up some list pads at the same time.  While the cards are four inches tall they are a bit short on the width for the slots.  I used my handy dandy tape to decorate and fill in the space.  For being so anti-washi tape for so long, I have to admit I love how it turned out.  I used a white gel pen to add the date and my mother's family's name on the blue tape.
The last thing I wanted to point out is this free printable from Naptime Delights that I found via her link up on my weekly creative themed linky party A Crafty Soiree, #159 on this one to be exact.  She has lots of great printables, perfect for PL!  This one is sized 8X10 so not quite right for a 3X4 space but easily added to a 4X6 canvas in PS Elements.  I resized and then added my photo to the remaining empty space and got developed as a regular 4X6 print.  So cute and minimal work for me!

I'd like to personally invite all my PL friends to join me some time on Thursday for A Crafty Soiree!  We'd love to have you link up all your crafty endeavors.  Papercrafts and scrapbooking, including PL, are always welcome :)

Linking up to The Mom Creative :)


7 Friends Said:

Melissa Whittaker said...

Ah! I love the 6x6 collage insert, and the little tabbies and labels you used on your photos this week! Awesome layout :)

Dayna Sabrina said...

These are great pages! I think you may have inspired me to look at some of these other page protectors for my weekly spreads. I've used them for inserts but never for a spread because I was unsure as to handle the following week. Great job!

Jenny said...

Cute. I like the Barbie Doll idea. I remember that Holiday Barbie too. I bet she was so happy to find it in her collector's book. I used to collect Barbie Dolls. They are in a glass curio at my Mom's house. The cabinet was too heavy for us to move to this house and I don't know where I'd put it. My favorite was Serenade In Satin Barbie. I love her dress!

Anyway, I love how colorful your pages are!

Jules said...

Your pages are so fun and bright. Love that Make Your Own Hot Dog and Make Your Own Sundae idea!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the linky-love! I'm glad my Father's Day Printable worked for you, even if it was way too big! :)


Nirupama said...

Tons of color! I just ran over to that site and downloaded those papers. I am loving starburst right now. Thanks for your sweet comment today. I just grab a random stash of things and start working most weeks. Themey stuff gets entered in only if I feel like getting up to grab it off the shelf ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages - love all the colour and that 6x6 insert looks great. Watch out for that washi tape - it is addictive!

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