Saturday, October 6, 2012

Disney On Ice presents Rockin' Ever After‏

Looking for something to do this weekend in Metro Detroit? There's still time to take the family to see Disney On Ice presents Rockin' Ever After.  The kids will be singing and dancing with everyone's favorite Mouse, as he hosts one spectacular talent show.‏
There will be lots of your favorite Disney characters on hand as they show off their talents, or in Cinderella's stepsister's case...their lack there of.  Four Disney princesses are featured, including Merida from  BRAVE, in her ice debut!

My six year old was singing, dancing in her seat, oohing and aahing, just mesmerized by the fantastic ice skating the entire show.  I could tell the kids behind us were really impressed too by their gasps and shouts. It's so cute how for them the magic is real.  Both my own child and the ones nearby were answering Mickey and Minnie as they talked to the audience as if they were asking them personal questions.  It was so sweet how the little boy by us called to Mickey, "I love you Mickey," over and over at the finale. 
After the upbeat rockin' out themed intro, one of the best so far, it was so upbeat and made you want to dance, the show got underway with Ariel.  Her portion was one of my favorites, it had the best big number with "Under the Sea".  I loved the sea creature costumes, some even lit up or glowed in the dark.  Plus Ariel transforms from a mermaid into a girl through a really cool aerial contortion sequence.  The performer was pretty high up!
Next up was Tangled's Rapunzel.  This is our first time seeing her on ice so that we were pretty excited for that reason alone.  It was really fun to see something brand new to us and then realize we still hadn't even seen Merida so more was to come. 

Many parts of Rapunzel's story were represented, even the less than vicious pub thugs turned up to sing a song.  I really liked that the horse Maximus made an appearance as well.  I would not want to be the persons inside having to skate and keep that big guy up! Another highlight is the recreated lantern scene, for prettiness alone.
Our show started at 7:30 and finished around 9:30, with an intermission about halfway through.  That two hours went by fast. At first this Disney On Ice seemed shorter than the others to me, even though it was approximately the same length.  I probably thought that because I was so wrapped up into the show!

This time is nice, not only for a bathroom break but also because it gave us a chance to look around at the souvenirs and pick out some refreshments.  ER picked a snow cone in a keepsake cup, yet again.  We're beginning to get quite a collection of these!
Part 2 kicked off with the main draw to this particular Disney On Ice - Merida!!!  She's the main reason my daughter wanted to come and her favorite part of the show.  We have not yet actually seen the movie, because unlike the Disney•Pixar's film's title, my kiddo is not brave.  Not at all.  Parts from the previews looked too scary and she's been afraid to see it ever since.  But she was excited to see her at Disney On Ice, go figure!

I don't know if it's because Brave is the newest of the Disney Princesses but her portion did not give away any real clues to the storyline.  It felt like the other princess story lines were told more fully, but it could've seemed like that to me because I've of course, seen all the others and could have been mentally filling in parts to them.

Most of the BRAVE sequence was devoted to the potential suitors competing for Merida's hand in marriage.  The bow shooting scene was funny and I've always liked how Merida is a strong female character.  Then Merida and her mother the Queen spent some time talking and skating together.  I haven't seen the movie and after this, I still have no idea what really happens in it.  Which is not really a bad thing, since I'm looking forward to it being released and seeing it for the first time at home.
At the end Gaston from Beauty and the Beast shows up to perform in the talent show.  This segues into Belle's story, which was a great one to end the night on.  The story lends itself to big numbers from within the town to the dishes in "Be Our Guest" and so on.  

It was a great show; I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite part.  Each Princess was performed by a talented skater and even though they are lip syncing to voice overs, they communicate the feelings and personalities of the Princesses with just their facial expressions and body language.  Plus they do all that wearing skates!  I call that talent, for sure!

My daughter was entranced by lights, music, dancing, big productions, and the more intimate scenes that focused on a particular Princess skating alone to one of her iconic songs.  It really was a magical night for her and what parent doesn't want to provide that for their child?

Disney On Ice has always provided quality entertainment each time we've attended a performance and this one continues on that tradition.  If you're not in the Metro Detroit area, check out when Disney On Ice presents Rockin' Ever After is coming to your hometown!‏


Disclosure: As a FELD Family Activator, I receive complimentary tickets in return for assisting in local promotion of the shows.  The experiences and opinions related within are both personal and unbiased.

3 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

That looks like it was so much fun!

Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

We are huge Disney on Ice fans. I think this is the show that is coming here. I need to see which location and try to take the boys. Thanks for sharing the great photos :)

Austin Baroudi said...

This looks like so much fun! My daughter would love to go and see this!mY daughters favorite movie is Tangled so she would love seeing Rapunzel! Thanks for the post.

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