Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life Weeks 35 & 36

I'm still playing catch up with posting my Project Life weeks, here are two weeks at once.  Week 35 was the first week of school.  I took several pictures on the first day of first grade and a few days later when I took LB out onto our back deck while ER was at school.  But otherwise, the camera stayed in my bag.  I think I was burnt out after several hectic weeks of fun filled summer activity. 

I'm so glad that I've come to grips with being okay with not having a photo for every day.  Ever since I've morphed my project to a week spread and not a picture a day layout I've been much happier.  In the past, missing day would cause me to stop and give up.  Can't believe I've made it so far this year!  Since I really only photographed two events from the week, it was easiest to devote each side to one memory.  This really worked out because I wanted to use several pictures from each time.
The first day of school was a big event this year because it's the first time ER's had to get up for school in the morning.  She's always been in afternoon sessions before.  She also now rides the same bus to and from school.  I took our annual picture on the front porch with her backpack and a few more waiting for and then getting onto the bus.  I used the curved lines on the patterned paper to organize my writing and title.
The other half of the first week in September has pictures from LB enjoying what turned out to be one of our last warm fall days.  He is so adventurous, which worries me.  He will climb up onto anything, things ER never dreamed of doing.  We have a little kid sized picnic table and he wouldn't give up until he climbed to the top and then stood up on it. 
He also tried sticking his feet onto our railing and kept sticking a foot up in an effort to climb up over the side rail.  It's a pretty big drop so we'll have to keep our eyes on him every second we're out there.  Dare devil indeed!
The following week we kind of settled into our new weekly schedule, but things started out with some excitement.  Brad's been working on finishing our basement and things are stacked haphazardly down there.  I needed something and he had to move a big stack of plastic storage bins.  I hated to make him do that, but we're know now that in the long run it's a good thing he did. 

When the boxes were moved, he could see behind our extra entertainment unit we're currently using for storage.  And what he saw wasn't what he expected...signs of a MOUSE!  Eek!  We live in a neighborhood but it's in the country so this happens from time to time.  But it's entirely different when it's in MY basement!  He had to don protective covering as he investigated to see if it had burrowed into our insulation.

As a best case scenario, he did find that it had come in through a gap left behind the dry wall when the house was build.  It had some straight down and no evidence of it being elsewhere was found.  From where the opening was, the only choices were either blocked or out where our kitties could get at it.  So we think it might have enjoyed a little warmth in the winter and then left for a safer home.  At least that's what I hope.
The rest of the this side has a picture of LB standing in the block storage, part of the dance brochure for my daughter's studio - her class photo is featured on the inside, and a picture of LB playing with Grandma Norma.  I love the happy smile he's giving her and how the Elefun game is blowing his hair up.
I wanted to point out two freebies I used this week, both from Melissa at A Vegas Girl at Heart.  I enjoy reading her blog, not just for the freebies :)  She is currently doing an ambitious blog series of a 100 cards made in a 100 days and there are a lot of really great card designs to inspire and possibly recreate.  The Project Life coordinating days of the week card can be found here and the shaped label used at the top of the second photo above in this post.  You can find handy links to all of Melissa's freebies on her Pinterest board.
The rest of the week would make it seem like I'm food obsessed.  This is true, but it doesn't normally make it's way into PL.  We had a nice dinner out after Grandma Norma visited us, but indulging in the carrot muffin lead to an incident with my blood sugar levels sky rocketing.  When I ordered it, I didn't realize the muffin is stuffed with a cream cheese filling and has sweet frosting.  Carrot muffins and bread always throw off my BS readings but this one really did me in and I only ate half when I realized it was filled.  Just a heads up to any other readers who might be diabetic like me.

The pastry at the bottom is a delicious lemon cloud that my friend Kate dropped off after telling me about it at lunch on Monday.  It looks big but is very airy so it's a treat more suitable for me to splurge on.  Lemon is my favorite so she knew I wouldn't be able to resist.

The bottom right photo is from the set I took when ER and I did a Polly Pocket review together.  She was so excited to help me and even make her own video. If you haven't seen it, she'd love for you to view it and maybe leave a comment.  She's quite proud of it. 

I fit a bit of memorabilia into this spread.  The sticker came on the box the toy came in the the business card is from the spa day my sorority's alum group held.  Getting a massage should start off every week as far as I'm concerned! 

Sharing at The Mom Creative, can't wait to see what you've been up to!

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Craftcherry said...

Great layouts. Love the school photos and the creative journaling.
Melissa really has a fantastic blog, love her work.

listgirl said...

Love the little details in your Project Life spread!

Also wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind and genuine comments. I appreciate it very much!


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