Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Project Life Week 34

Like Week 33, this one was also very busy, with lots of photos and activities.  I need three inserts to contain it all!  I guess this was last week of summer vacation, super sized. 
This is the back side of a WRMK page protector.  This style has really grown on me and last weekend I picked up a full set of them.  Before now whenever I wanted one I had to snag one from a multi-pack and I like to keep those for assembling Simple Stories collections, like this, and you need each kind of photo sheet to really use up all the pieces.

This half covers the first half of the week, up through Wednesday.  We had yet another play date, we ♥ those.  We went to school to meet the new teacher and check out the room and I had some one on one time with my soon to be first grader.  These might not be the best pictures but they really pull at my heart strings.  We're doing two of our favorite things, crafting together during LB's nap time and having morning snuggles.  Both things we won't have as much time for during the school year.  What precious time with my sweetie.
This is the back of the first insert, on the front is an informational sheet about zhostovo trays.  My MIL brought me one home from her trip to Russia and gave it to me when we visited with her on the Sunday at the beginning of the week.  I wante to save it but it wasn't that interesting to photograph so I'll start with the back side.

We spent the second part of the week at my parents' house.  While we go there often, it was kind of like a mini-vaca.  Nice to get a change of scenery and this way Brad could really make some good progress on finishing the basement without us underfoot.

To start our time together we met up at my Grandpa's nursing home.  I wanted to get one more visit in before school started back up and it's harder to get over there.  While Grandpa doesn't like long visits I do think our turning up does cheer him up a bit.  Since I have so few pictures of him with his great grands I made little layout to really make them special in the album.
On our second day together, my Dad too ER fishing.  He's taken her one other time and she was really wanting to go again.  I know, fishing?! But she had a grand ol' time and she actually caught FOUR fish!  I hope she doesn't think it's always this exciting.  There was many a time I went while camping growing up when we caught nothing...nada....zilch and this was over several attempts at fishing during a weekend. 

The fish tale card and photo frame, a card I cut the center from, are both from Take a Hike, by you guessed it...Simple Stories.  I don't have much use for this kind of collection but it was perfect for this.  I had no idea how many ugly fishing themed papers there are, until I had to try and find a cute one to use.  The chipboard with family fun rub on is TPC Studio and it's all in a trimmed down Design D.
The same day we also went to the nature center in the same park we fished in and stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  For dinner ER got try the flaming cheese she's loves seeing other diners order at my parents' favorite coney island restaurant.  She normally doesn't like food to be heated up, preferring things on the cooler side even when they're meant to be served hot.  But she really like it a lot, although for a moment she was a bit nervous that the flames would get too close.  Eating out not just once but twice in a day?  Definitely, just like a real vacation!  ER was in heaven and what kid wouldn't after a Happy Meal, ice cream, and flaming cheese!
The third insert is from the same day as fishing but were taken during the day after our trip to McDonald's and before dinner.  It just made sense to me, to combine them.  The front is about LB playing, how he loves to scoot around on the rideable corn popper and be "babyzilla" with all the toys.  If it's possible to sit on a toy, he will. 

On the back are my favorites from a little mini photo session I had with ER in my parents' back garden.  I take pictures of her there every year and they are always some of my favorites.  I can't believe how big and grown up she looks!  Papers and sticker from Martha Stewart.
This another WRMK page protector, I've had it for awhile but wasn't sure how to incorporate it.  Then I realized it's perfect for papers like this one, with a big design element.  The flags came on the cloud paper and are embossed.  I added die cut letters for my title, part has been cloned out because it's a city name.  The paper provided a large area for me to write on, with enough room to use my three favorite photos from our visit to an end of the summer tradition.


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3 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

Abby wants to go fishing. I remember going fishing with my dad a few times.

Great layouts!

Craftcherry said...

Beautiful layouts! That's wonderful that your kids are getting to know their great grandfather and that he is getting to know them.

Sandy Ang said...

your PL pages capture the everyday so well !

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