Monday, October 8, 2012

Project Life Week 33

Continuing on my Project Life catch up, here one of my favorite PL weeks from the summer.  These little "Polaroids" from one of the inserts is just one of the reasons why.  The frames were cut from the DCWV Snapshot Stack.  I cut out the middle and then put my pictures behind.  You can see more pictures of the stack in Melissa's post.  She happens to have the same stack.  Great minds think alike.
Here's this week's spread with both inserts in.  I had a lot of pictures I wanted to use from a visit to my parents.  Instead of taking them out and using them all in the insert, which what I usually do when I have extra pictures from one event, the week flows from left to right.  Meaning that the days after the visit pick up right after them in the inserts.  The type a personality in me likes how everything got from left to right in chronological order throughout the week.
On the date card, I cut another Polaroid shape out and put a picture of LB swinging at the park, that didn't fit anywhere else.  Then there's a collage of him playing with my mom's plastic ware.  I have very similar pictures of ER doing exactly the same thing at almost the same age.  Then comes a picture of my parents taking LB to see the duck pond for the first time.  The flag card is from the Archiver's Graphic Page Pocket Pack and is actually 4X6, I just attached the photo right on top.  That's my mom, with a delicious meal, the Grilled Vegetable Salad was so good.   
Below that is a series of pictures I took by the duck pond that I really like because of all the little things LB is doing and the expressions he makes.  Right now, he's always pulling his arms up like in the first picture.  Then he often boogies down a little and looks so cute shakin' his bottom.  Walking out of the picture is another common occurrence.  It's like now that he can walk, he wants to make sure we all remember. 
The first insert is WRMK page protector cut in half, it's almost exactly like Design G.  I just forgot I had more of G before I'd cut it.  Both sides of the first insert feature more pictures from our visit to the park, the first time LB's been to this one.  It's a favorite of my family's.  He really got into climbing around.  The cute digital text paper behind the pictures of ER is from Park Play by Jady Day Studios and Kay Miller.
On the left is the backside of the park pictures.  These are all around the pond and by the entrance to the gardens.  I got some really nice ones of ER with my parents and brother. 

Then starts the rest of the week, with Monday's play date with a neighbor on top.  Our visit to an indoor play center is in the middle and having lunch after playing at the bottom.
On the back of the second insert is a week day summary card, part of the Bazzil Basic's Avalon's Lickety Split Journaling Cards set.  The pictures are both from two more play dates we had that week.  It was our last full week of summer that I knew we'd be at home for and I made sure I packed it with activity.
The last full page of the spread has Friday and Saturday.  We went to the pool one last time for the season and then there's some of LB getting into some toddler mischief and fun.  Flag banner card from another Archiver's Pocket Page Insert set, this time called Playful.  The Sweet Summertime card is from Simple Stories.

This weekly spread took me a long time but I really am happy with how it all turned out and how all the fun things we did combined to keep our memories together.  If I wasn't doing PL I probably wouldn't have gotten around to doing anything with these photos until next year.  And I probably wouldn't have taken any of the play dates, but down the road I know it will be fun to look back at the friends we played with and the things they liked to do together. 

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These look great as usual! It must be so fun to look through the whole album, as it fills up!

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