Saturday, February 21, 2009

Card Organizer

I love making cards and sending them for holidays and "just because" but I am not very good at remembering birthdays or anniversaries. I made these card organizers for my mom and MIL, to help them, even thought I'm really the one who needs one!

I've made myself one, but I added the names and dates to the reminder lists so I didn't want to publish the personal information of my friends and family. Mine is very similar.

Now I can make cards ahead of time, file them, have a card on hand, and not have to resort to last minute trips to the card store. Yeah me for getting organized! Now all my handmade cards will actually be sent...on time!
I started with an 8x8 scrapbook and then made pockets, by folding in and up a 12x12 piece of cardstock, one for each month. Instead of glue, I used flat brads to hold the pocket together on the outer sides so it could expand to hold the cards. The other side is held in place by the posts in the post bound scrapbook. The month title and reminder card I created on my computer, printed out, and attached to each pocket.
To complete the gift I made twelve cards and put one along with an envelope in each pocket. Now my family can send a handmade card, made with love - even the one's who aren't cardmakers!

Below are some of the simple cards I made to go in it. My style has evolved, I really wish I knew how to make the really beautifully stamped ones, but I just haven't had the time to learn all the colorizing techniques.

The card organizer was inspired by a project I saw in Papercrafts, an older issue I cannot locate right now! I am sure the cards were inspired by various sources such as Papercrafts and Cards Magazine but simplified, as they were made when I was just getting into making cards.

10 Friends Said:

Cheryl said...

What a great idea! I just saw your comment on my blog. I named my daughter after characters as well. Abigail Anne- Abigail for Aunt Abigail in the Avonlea series (not because I love the character so much- I just love the name) and Anne is pretty obvious.
Your site is full of great activities and resources.

k-e-household said...

I have been meaning to do a version of this for the g-mas as well. Whether in book or calendar form, its still in my head. Maybe for Christmas 09?? I better start a list of all the projects I want to do!

Ms Muffin said...

I love the cards and the simple look!

J-Ro! said...

I love this idea!! I'm definately going to have to copy the 2nd card you have posted. NEAT!!

Tonja said...

Those are wonderful! I am going to have to copy some of them. I love how crafty you are :-) You have so many great ideas.

Vickie said...

Those cards are sweet, Katie!
This is such a good idea. Last year I forgot my SIL birthday. Yeah, I know. I am bad. word verification is nesting! Oh.My.Gosh!!

Small Fry and Co. said...

These are really cute cards. I love the card organizer idea.
I need to make one.

Melissa said...

I love this idea!! I think I'm going to make one for my grandparents. Thank you for your fantastic ideas. You are so creative!!

Michie said...

I would really like to learn to make cards, but I'm never sure what to do about envelopes. How do you know that you'll have an envelope that will fit?

Aubrey said...

Thanks for posting this idea...I was slow to make one, but I finally made one for myself in hopes to keep myself better organized and better at sending cards out this year! Mine doesn't look as nice as yours, though!

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