Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorting by Color

I just mentioned to Katie, that we've been working on learning colors. So I thought I'd share a really simple sorting activity we've been doing. I found a package of little heart erasers in the dollar spot at Target. They're all the same shape and size so they're perfect for beginning sorting, as there is only one attribute that your child has to sort by, in this case color.

I used some paper scraps to cut little squares in matching colors. Then I gave them all to ER. She really likes it and can sort them by color already, we're still working on naming each one's color as she puts them in the right pile. The last time she made me laugh, as she's discovered a shortcut, and has been putting down more than one eraser at a time.

This is a great activity you can recreate throughout the year with different thematic manipulatives to keep the activity new and fresh. When I was teaching I loved browsing Dollar Stores for all sorts of little things to sort that tied in with my classroom's current theme. As they got proficient at sorting by one attribute, I'd add items that had more attributes to sort by and part of the activity would be having the students tell me how they chose to sort. For example, a Halloween time I put out holiday erasers in a variety of designs, they could sort by color, shape, design, etc.

Oriental Trading is a great resouce for a lot of little things you can use as manipulatives for sorting and counting activities, especially if you want them in bulk for a good price. They also have a Hands on Fun catalog full of teaching supplies also at discount prices when you compare them to teaching supply stores. Both have individually wrapped craft kits that are great for parties and are good activities for all those parent volunteers to do at a station during a classroom party.

9 Friends Said:

eriochrome said...

With me ER really like to do all one color before moving on to the next color. All pink, then all green, etc.

Katie said...

So, not only is she an organizer she's efficient:)
I love the little erasers. I would have to agree that Target has the best dollar goodies.
You asked how we were doing with colors. Although I think Anne knows her colors she prefers to call them all PINK! Crazy! I guess I could learn something from her about seeing the world through rose colored lenses.

Vickie said...

What a good idea! ER is such a cutie with her little tootsie!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

what a sweet little doll she is!! how old is she? that is great that she is learning so much:) i love oriental trading too!!!

Sarah said...

FYI: Oriental Trading right now through 2/9 has $10 off $10 with coupon code AVA910, so you just pay $6.99 shipping. I plan to do that with a few orders to get Easter items and such!

We are working on reading, he isn't quite there and gets discouraged by I keep encouraging. We started doing 100 Lessons to learn how to read and he got frustrated so we took a break for a few days. We do coloring worksheets, but he doesn't like to color like I did as a kid so I try to figure out what to do to encourage him more. My older son's teacher told me years ago when he was in Kindergarten that he didn't put enough detail into his drawing, it was always stick figures...I am seeing the same with my youngest now. Ideas would be wonderful. You can email me at shaeded@tds dot net
Thanks for your feedback! :)

DomesticDivasFancy said...

What a smart girl! That is a great idea! She is going to be a Docter! ;)

Ashley Nichole.

RoS said...

What a great idea, and ER looks like she's having fun! Mom xxooo


What a little honey. Look at the concentration! This is a great photo, Katie.

And congrats on all your recent features - how exciting!!

k-e-household said...

stealing this idea!!
so cute
You could do different shapes for different occasions: numbers for birthday parties, trucks/cars, animals, etc.
I have a cricut machine, so you've given me more reason to use it more!

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