Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

The Valentine princess came downstairs bright and early this morning, I'd left the gifts out on a table by our front door. Guess how many seconds it took her to spy them?

This fun new accessory came courtesy of Grandma Norma along with a set of fairy wings, wand, and pony tail holders. She really liked the name pillow, and knew there were letters on it. Unwrapping it prompted several renditions of her very own special version of the alphabet song, well at least she knows the song starts out with A, B, C...after that it her versions get oh um, how to say it...creative. Her little toddler voice singing away is quite cute, if I do say so myself.

Starting the day with new dress up clothes and a Island Princess Barbie that sings, very loudly and for a long time, was topped off with waffles made by Daddy. A special request from ER. It was the perfect Valentine's Day for a two and a half year old.

Me on the other hand...I'll admit I was disappointed that our afternoon date was preempted by snow. If we hadn't gotten rear ended a month ago the last time we drove to the other side of town, where both of our families live, we'd probably have gone anyway. But after the accident and the resulting inconvenience on our lives, the cars is STILL being fixed and it's been at the dealer for FOUR weeks, we're kinda hesitant to go out in snowy weather.

It's been a pain trying to share one car, at least at the end of last week they finally rented a car for us. I keep repeating to myself that I am thankful that no one was hurt and that is what matters, but I'm beginning to get really annoyed with the whole situation.

Anyhoo so pretty early on after Brad got back from running an errand and he saw the road conditions, we knew we were staying home. He was a real sweetheart and tried to make up for it, he stopped at Whole Foods and splurged on my favorite premade treats, including a yummy curry chicken salad and guacamole. You know that salad's gotta be good, cause normally I am not a fan of "weird" stuff like curry anything! Remember, I told you all I was a picky eater!
But the biggest surprise were these lovely tulips! I just love the colors he picked out, so bright and cheerful on this gloomy, overcast, grey Michigan day. They were such a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting anything, because we'd decided our gift to each other was going to be a nice afternoon out by ourselves. I do have one more Valentine craft to share, well at least until we finally have our Valentine themed playdate that's been rescheduled for next week. Keep your finger's crossed that everyone stays healthy.

This adorable no sew chair backer is from No Fuss Fabulous, that I found through One Pretty Thing. It's the cutest little thing for ER to put all her Valentine cards in. I wanted to make one the second I saw it, cause I knew I wasn't ready to make the super fabulous version featured on Tip Junkie in the same post as my button pillow. Maybe next year I'll have enough experience with my sewing machine to attempt that. In the meantime, I am going to find some excuse to make an intermediate foam version from Small Fry and Co. She even made up a flower version that I think would be cute for year round.

I don't know about your little ones, but mine gets a ton of mail year round. She gets cards for almost every holiday and on occassion she actually seems indignant when there isn't anything for her to open up! Right now all the cards are in a basket, that she takes down so she can flip throught them. I think she needs a chair backer to keep them in, don't you?

7 Friends Said:

Vickie said...

Awe, ER is so Super Cute!!My in-laws come over and the girls had a blast!

the flowers are very beautiful. You lucky duck:)

You are very crafty. Cute card holder.

An hour late, but Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

She is SO cute.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

beautiful tulips! love that little valentine holder for the chairs:) she looked so cute in her little tiara!! hope your day was great!

k-e-household said...

If I start working on the chairback mailholder NOW I will be ready for next year! (sooo behind on projects!)
Our Missy gets mail too now from the G-parents and it is getting exciting!

Small Fry and Co. said...

I love the no sew version of the chair backer. I will have to check that out. Thanks for mentioning my version. I have loved your V-day crafts. Looking forward to what you have for the next holiday.


Those tulips are magnificent & that baby knows how charming she is, I think! ;o)

DoMoreGood said...

Beautiful Blog!! You look like you have a TON of fun with your daughter - what a special mom you are!!

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