Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Sew Felt Clutch and Stationary Set

I found the neatest idea at Inspire Me Crafts for No Sew Felt Clutches. They are so cute and so easy to make. No sewing machine required, just your trusty hot glue gun. They're the perfect size for little favor bags. I made three in a snap for the Valentine's themed playdate I'm hosting this month. TyAnne has got all the instructions on her site, so go check it out and then start making one to match every outfit your little princess has!

I loved how TyAnne's looked, but made some modifications so I wouldn't have to make yet another trip to the craft store and improvised with what I had on hand. Since I didn't have thick enough ribbon, I glued on a strip of felt and layered the thinner ribbon I had over it. I also used a flower die cut from Sizzix instead of adding a bow. Then I added a bow on the handle. Don't know how long it'll stay put, may have to put some stitches in to hold it, isn't it pretty darn cute? See told ya'!
One little tip I did learn from making these is how to glue the ribbon handle onto the felt. It's kind of hard to see on the picture above, but the bottom portion is folded up and already hot glued into place. Cut slits and insert ribbon. Adjust the ribbon so there's a nice loop for the handle; glue the sides of the ribbon down to the inside of the bag just like above. Cover the top portion of the inside with felt to add some contrast and so it'll look nicer. I used pink felt for that. I had already bought some Valentine pencils and pencil toppers that are also mini stampers from the dollar spot at Target (I super big ♥ Tar-jay). Add to that some stickers leftover from my teacher's horde, every K teacher knows kids will do almost anything for a sticker on the way out the door, add a matchbook inspired mini notebook...voila, a little stationary kit all girly and cute in a matching bag. I can barely contain myself, it's so sweet!
The mini notebooks were very easy to make. Once again I rummaged through my paper scraps, all neatly filed by color - can't tell you how much that helps, and pulled out some Valentine patterned paper scraps from last year's layout along with some plain white and pink sheets of cardstock. Made the matchboook out of the patterned paper and then figured out how big to cut the cardstock scraps for the pages. A few hole punches, ribbon, and a sticker later, I had a pile of these little lovelies. Each is about 3.5X3 inches, has 10 pages, and are just the right size for the girls to use their stampers in.

7 Friends Said:

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

GIRL!!! You are soooo crafty! I love both of these ideas; and I love my hot glue gun- its one of my BFF's!! lol

Noelle ♥

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

hey again! i think we are on at the same time! lol i wish we could instant message each other on here:)

swaps are sooooo fun!! i can't wait!! i need to work out the details of it though. yay!!!

Vickie said...

Wow, you are the Martha Stewart for little girls!!

The clutch and the note book are cute.

That is gonna be one, fun, sweet party!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

CUTE! I swear you are like the superwoman of crafting.
Thanks for your comments earlier. Im still bloated though! ;) GRR I am going to eat some ice cream and go to bed soon!

Katie said...

LOVE! your new projects. You are very creative and I love that you actually try the neat ideas you find. The little girls coming to the playdate are very lucky!

Sarah J. said...

Cute cute cute! I love it! How festive and fun! Very unique.

RoS said...

I love the clutch and the cards! Mom

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