Friday, May 29, 2009

In Grammy's Garden

We had planned to have a leisurely morning, followed by a laid back visit with my parents in the afternoon, and a fun time at my friend Margaret's eldest daughter's preschool graduation party today. Instead, our car decided to act up again and it threw all our plans out of whack.

Long story short, we think it's fixed...we hope it's finally fixed! The auto repair shop that had it for two days earlier in the week had no problem getting it to start, oh no, why is it problems only occur when you have your car? This time when we tried to start up the engine the trunk popped, the car still wouldn't start but the trunk was open. Brad replaced the battery and we were back in business but we're going to call the dealer and see if they think we have a bad connection somewhere. We've got to figure it out soon or our trip next month to Philly will have to be postponed, because we certainly don't want to be stranded along the way.
On to happier thoughts Katie, look at the flowers in Mom's garden...breathe in and out...and forget about the construction and traffic and the ninty plus minute car drive it took to get there...So instead of the nice visit we planned we got there just in time for a quick walk around my mom's garden where the peony's are blooming and at their peek.
Then it was off for a quick bite to eat and then more driving over the Margaret and Eric's. At least the night ended with a lot of laughter and good friends...the coconut cake and brownie bites certainly helped smooth things over too!

One laugh we had came when Margaret proved she knows me very well. Earlier, when she was setting up her platters for the buffet her step daughter commented on how she should set one out for the brownies I was bringing. Margaret replied that she had one ready but wouldn't need it because I'd show up with one for sure. Which of course, I did. In white, because you don't want your serving dish to clash with your hostess's decorations☺ Guess who was gracious living chair for her sorority!

3 Friends Said:

Annette W. said...

No car problems are fun! Glad to hear you can still have a great day.

What are your plans in Philly? THough we only live an hour or a a bit more away, we rarely go now...and haven't since Meghan was born! (Derek has for Phillies vs. Mets baseball though.)

Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking?

Vickie said...

Hey next month we are also going away. We are going to Wisconsin. I hope the car is fix so you guys can take your trip.

Your Mom has a great garden. Very lovely:)

Katie said...

Seriously...that car of yours has really been giving you fits lately!
Your mom's peony's are beautiful! I love the smell of those. Mine are still all balled up in their tight buds, hoping they'll make an appearance soon!

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