Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Salads: Grape, Cheddar, and Walnut Salad

I'm feeling lazy today and using the professional photo from Kraft Foods in today's post. Normally, I use my own but this one looks much more appetizing than mine:) It is a good salad and easy to put together, we first tried it after the Mother's Day Tea Party when I had left over walnuts to use up. It's quick and easy, add some rotisserie chicken and it becomes a main dish. ER loves grapes and cheddar cheese so we can give her bits of those along with the chicken and not have to make her a seperate dinner. My kiddo won't touch lettuce, any one else got that problem? Anyhoo, back to the recipe:

red grapes, halved
1 stalk celery, sliced thin
quarter cup shredded cheese
light raspberry dressing
baby spinach
romaine lettuce
red onion, sliced thin
toasted walnuts

Layer lettuce on plates and the add additional ingredients to taste. It's a nice crunchy salad that tastes great with a slice of buttered French bread or warm rolls. Enjoy!

Katie over at A List Maker's Life, also choose a recipe from Kraft Foods this week to share on her weekly Saturday Salads - great minds think alike! Hop on over to see some other great salad recipes and find the answer to what's for dinner!

5 Friends Said:

Katie said...

Love it! Thanks for adding a salad to the party this week. I just added the link to the post. I guess Mr. Linky is still giving me trouble on my site. Thank goodness it works on ABC. My kids are crazy...they like ONLY lettuce and pick everything else out. I think ER is probably more the norm as far as not liking the lettuce:)
Have a great Saturday!

Alicia said...

Another one we'll have to eat when I come back for a visit.

Vickie said...

Looks like a delicious salad! None of my girls will touch lettuce either, which I thought was strange cuz I heard that kids like salad. I always did:)

heidi said...

It varies for me - my oldest loves salad but my middle two won't eat it. The youngest just eats it by proxy. HA!

Yummy recipe!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

my kinda salad- yum!!

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