Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scrapbook Sunday

It's Scrapbook Sunday, hosted by Noelle and Holly; that means it's time to share some of my pages. This week they're from 2007, it was ER's first spring. I can't believe how much she's changed and yet is still the same.

We've been watching a lot of Tiger baseball ever since moving back home, but even when we lived out of state my Dad sent ER a Tiger's outfit each year. This one is from the year they went to the World Series or was it the play offs? {Help me out Dave and email me - that's my younger brother} It is the cutest little dress. The page isn't actually about baseball in any way, she just happened to be wearing that dress when I took these pictures.

Any Harry Potter fans out there, notice the inspiration for the title of the page? In one of the books they had a map that would show them where all their professors were at Hogwarts and all the secret exits. When they were done using the map, they'd tap it and say, "Mischief Managed," and the paper would become blank.

This page also isn't about Harry Potter either, it's really about how frustrating it was keeping those darn bumper cushions on the sharp edges. She just wouldn't leave them alone! We finally gave up and crossed our fingers that she wouldn't fall and bang her head on them.

The journaling tag reads ~

Bumper Game Rules:
1. When Mommy& Daddy aren't looking, rush over to bumper but act nonchalant.
2. Slowly lower yourself down to the floor.
3. Pull up bumper & shove as much of it as you can into your mouth before Mommy & Daddy notice!
4. Repeat as often as you can!

The next page is from one of the first warm spring days we had in Santa Fe that year. I love being back by my family but I do miss the perpetual blue skies and much more temperate climate. Close ups of the pages follow.
I added the text right on to the photo in PS Elements and printed out all at once. In hindsight, I wish I'd chosen a different color as it blends in a bit with the rocks at the bottom, but I'm not going to do it over, so that way it stays!

I loved this bright little striped number the second I took it out of the package. It's one piece and I remember wearing this style of get up when I was little. I thought ER looked so cute, and since it was a gift from her Aunt and Uncle we had to rush out and take pictures of her in it to send them.
The letters are chipboard and the flower is a die cut. The flower is raised with a little foam tape and a second die cut is underneath it. It gives it a little bit of subtle dimension. I really liked the colors and the pictures of this layout, the spring colors just make me feel happy☺

11 Friends Said:

***Sharon*** said...

Ohhhh....I really like what you have done!The pictures are still the focal point and that is what is important! I've noticed so many people nowadays go crazy with their pages....too much "fluff" and their pictures get lost in the background!

(I'm not a scrapper - took a class, tried it on my own and just got all crazy with my colors, the papers, etc. Just not my thing!lol)

Anonymous said...

What cute pages! I'm getting so many ideas from you girls! Thanks! Yes, I remember those bumbers... My older boys just suffered the bumps and bruises but Micah got to chew on and remove those things and THEN get the bumps and bruises! ☺

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

HOLY COW! Your pages are AMAZING! Looks like you take a lot of time to make them so nice; I wish I could do that!

I love all the spring photos of your sweet lil girl:)

Noelle ♥

Anonymous said...

I love them. I too am a scrapbook fanatic... fun to see someone else's pages.

Martha said...

wow.. your scrapbook pages are beautiful! I love the spring layout! She is so cute! :)

MaryAnne said...

Your scrapbook pages are adorable!

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Your pages turned out great! I love how you printed the word right on the picture. The first picture makes me what to get to work on a scrapbook from our Harry Potter Halloween costume party last year. :)

Crystal said...

Cute pages. I really love your spring layout.

Tonja said...

Those are super cute pages! Your daughter is so adorable!!!

Hope you have been doing well. I havn't heard from you in a while so I wanted to stop by and say Hi!

Jessica Rodarte said...

Sweet layouts!!

Vickie said...

Katie both layouts are so cool! ER is such a doll!!

I belive the Tigers went to the playoffs in 2006. They were doing great in 2007, then the All Sar games happened and they started to bomb.

I am going to play with my paint shop and see if I can print on my photos. Such a neat look:)

Sorr, I am late on this. As you know Jason has been hogging the computer and yesterday was no exception. Him and his Ipod...pft!

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