Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 32nd Birthday Brad!

Today is my husband turned 32 and for the first time ER gave Daddy a birthday card she helped make! She colored a picture inside and on the envelope just for him and helped me glue a message inside. ER was very proud of herself and excited to give it to him, because now she makes cards just like Mommy.Monday we spent all afternoon running all over town trying to find new shirts for Brad. Here is is with the most daring one we picked out, LOL! For a guy with long hair, Brad's a very conservative dresser, nothing flashy like red exists in his closet...until NOW! Only recently did we get him to expand to regularly wearing blue shirts. Before that it was black, gray, or charcoal.
I think he'd really like to take the red shirt back, but is planning on humoring me. He's already commented that he can't wear it if he's sunburnt, as he'd blend it with it. I tried to jazz things up with some plaid shorts, very basic in shades of khaki with very very itty bitty lines of burgandy and dark navy. Those are already in the return pile. So like I said, he figures he'll keep this one, the least offensive of the clothes I picked out that he dislikes.
Brad really did try to graciously accept his shorts, it's just hard for him to pull one over on me. We'll have been together fifteen years this fall so I knew from his expression, no matter how many times he said, "No, no honey I really do like it," that he just hated them. I had a feeling that would be the reaction, but I liked plaid shorts and you know if you don't at least'll never know!
Everyone's birthday must end with a sweet treat right? We're going over his mother's house on Sunday so he'll have birthday cake and ice cream there. He decided that nearly an entire cake would be too much for him to eat by himself. So we ended the night with a stop at the Dairy Queen downtown. No arguements here, I never turn down a Blizzard☺

10 Friends Said:

Susana said...

Bless your daughter's sweet, little heart! Sweet pictures too. I just celebrated my 32nd birthday a couple months ago too:-). I'll take an ice cream sundae or a box of Godiva any day over cake:-).

Happy Birthday and have fun celebrating all weekend!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

haha! my brian is so picky with close too! plaid shirts and striped polos is all he wears! he told me ABSOLUTELY not when i told him how HOT he'd look in plaid shorts!! LOL men!!!

Crystal said...

This made me laugh. I have tried to get my husband to buy plaid shorts and he refuses. He sticks to blue (honestly I think he has 10 of the same shirt). I have given up. Have a fun birthday week and ER's card is adorable. Also very cute pictures of the two of them.

Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog-The bandanas were from Target's dollar section. They were the only two I saw (I wanted 4 to make a dress/shirt for Aubrey).

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday, Brad!! I think the red shirt looks good next to him. The colors you pick out are not girlie at all. He should try them out. He will be surprised that he looks good in colors.

Try it Brad! You might like it!!

My girls like making card too! They got nuts on Father's Day:)

ER looks so proud and happy! What a sweet girl:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Brad! ☺

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Brad. That is an adorable card from ER, how sweet. I like the sound of those shorts.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

Btw, I'd never turn down a blizzard either. =)

eriochrome said...

Thanks for all the wishes of a happy birthday. Any day I get to spend with my wonderful wife and loving daughter is a happy day.

The red shirt is very nice and I also recieved a plaid shirt gladly. The shorts were definately beyond the pale though. I am glad Katie went through all the work of shopping for me when I gave her no ideas about what I needed.

Tara said...

Oh the card is very cute and she looks completely proud to have made it. I think all us women can definitely tell when our husbands don't like something. At least he's giving the shirt a try. And, I never turn down a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard either.

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