Monday, July 6, 2009

Spin Me a Rainbow: Color Puzzle Game

We've been playing this wonderful game by Eeboo called Spin Me a Rainbow. I really like it because it's reinforces color names and is a fun way build on a skills she's mastered, while teaching her the new skill of shape names. We taught ER her colors with a homemade color dice game, after trying many other methods. Which just reinforces that learning through play is the best method for toddlers! I might add that it's also the most fun for Mommy too☺

This game appeals to Brad who's Mr. Science around here, seeing how he does have a PhD and all. The colors and names used on the spinner coincide with the colors of a rainbow. Yes folks, it that darn Roy G Biv all over again. Betcha thought you left him behind in junior high! For those of you needing a memory jog, Roy G Biv is a mnemonic for the sequence of hues in the visible spectrum in order from longest to shortest wavelength.

R ~ Red
O ~ Orange
Y ~ Yellow
G ~ Green
B ~ Blue
I ~ Indigo
V ~ Violet
It actually took me awhile to get the names of the colors right when playing I kept calling violet, purple and so did ER. We're both getting more technical now! ER really likes the game and in just a short time, her awareness of shape names has improved tremendously.

To play all you do is spin and then whichever shape and color it lands on, you pick out from the puzzle pieces and add to your board. The first one to complete their puzzle wins. This is one of the first spinner games we've played with her and she really finds that aspect of the game fun. She also enjoys putting the puzzle pieces into place. These pieces are smaller than the ones she's used to from wooden puzzles so it's been a nice challenge for her to get them in.

The main suggestions I'd have for Eeboo regarding this game is that the spinner be a colored and not made out of clear plastic. It makes it a little hard for some players to see where it's pointing, like the Grandparents. Also, because of the materials that the game is made of the pieces are subject to a little wear pretty quickly. Little hands like to hold and manipulate the puzzle pieces and as a result some of the colored part especially on the stars are raising.

Besides teaching color and shapes, it's a great way to teach sharing and taking turns. It's simple enough to be one of the first games your child plays. We got our copy of this game in the prize package I won from ebeanstalk. I definitely consider it a worthy purchase, as ER really likes it and wants to play over and over. She's already learned so much from it, and it's a game kids can experience success with right away. We also really enjoy playing the Birthday Party Game and the Flower Rummy Cards both also from Eeboo, that we purchased for ER.

3 Friends Said:

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I've never heard of this, but it looks so cute!! What fun!

Mama King said...

Wow! This looks great. Em doesn't know her colors yet and I was starting to think this was something we needed to address. The second child syndrome! Guilty! This game looks fun for both girls. Thanks :-) What was the dice game you played? Did you just roll it and say the color name?

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

cute game! gage is learning his colors now:)

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