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Last week we got a magical delivery right to our front door! Inside was a beautifully wrapped Fairy-Gram, that transformed ER into the cutest Rainbow Fairy! So what exactly is a Fairy-Gram? It's a special delivery with a complete fairy outfit inside, wrapped and ready to be gifted to a sweet little girl! It can be a lovely surprise sent to put a big smile on a face, a delightfully wrapped gift sent directly to the recipient, or because of the upcoming season if you order now, a Halloween costume that shows up on her doorstep. All you need is a leotard and some tights and you'd be ready for trick-or-treating! The rest of the year, it's an adorable dress up costume that will add creativity, whimsy, and make believe to play time! Wouldn't one be a really fun way package to send to a long distance granddaughter, niece, or other little sweetheart?
I didn't tell ER that a Fairy-Gram was on it's way, so she was completely surprised by it's arrival. Look at that big grin! She just loved it and had to put everything on immediately. She wore it the rest of the afternoon. I had a hard time getting her to take it off to eat, because I didn't want any spills on it. We compromised by at least taking off the tutu. The wings and halo stayed put. She kept telling me over and over, "Mama, I a pretty fairy," and waving the ribbon wand over and over.
I was really impressed by the presentation. The box even had a special little label on the outside announcing that it was a special delivery. Right from our first glance inside, we knew something wonderful was inside. Besides a cute little note, the two small butterfly clips that come with each Fairy-Gram were right on top.
The contents were packed really nicely and didn't shift around during shipping. You can see how pretty everything looked underneath the top layer of tissue paper. I'm lucky I got the picture above, I managed to hold her back from diving into the box just long enough to snap a few. I don't know if you can tell but her mouth is wide open with wonder. I think she was so thrilled she was rendered motionless and speechless, which says quite a lot for this three year old!
On top were the rainbow fairy wings, which are approximately 14 x 12. These are slightly smaller than the wings included in the other sets, most are about 17 × 12. But this size was perfect for my three year old. She loves the sparkly glitter, jewels, and "magic" star in the middle. She told me that the star is where the magic comes from, in a way that let me know she's a true expert on the matter!
She also just LOVES the Fairy Ribbon Wand, that matches the color of your Fairy-Gram outfit, and is approximately 12 inches long. Even if she doesn't have any other parts of the fairy outfit on, she still wants to carry it around. I think she loves the swishing sound it makes, it's been in non stop motion since it arrived. She likes to enchant her baby dolls with it, apparently they need a lot of magical intervention!
The fairy halo matches the color of each fairy outfit and is adjustable to make it fit your child's head size. Ours matches the fairy wand exactly and has really long ribbons that go all the way down to the floor when ER wears it. She loves putting her hands through it.
The last thing we put on was the fairy tutu. At approximately 12 inches long with a 12 inch waist which can stretch up to 28 inches, the expandable waist is meant to fit a most girls 1-8 years old. I liked that this tutu is short enough for my petite ER to wear it and not be tripping over it, like she is in many other dress up costumes. She expecially like the silk flowers added to the waistband and I liked how the elastic waist wasn't thin and flimsy. It will hold up to being put on and off many times.I know you have a little girl in your life who would love to be transformed into a fairy: delivers fairy outfits directly to little girls who dream of being a fairy. Imaginative, make-believe play allows children to practice social roles and develop empathy, impulse control, and a spirit of cooperation. Playing dress-up is one of the most creative activities. But there’s more to just changing outfits when kids dress up. With simple role-playing, your child can absorb a lot of knowledge about the world and people around them. Children who make up plots and characters through role-play not only smile more, but are engaged in activities that build a stronger sense of self-confidence. Child development experts agree that dress-up play not only stimulates imagination, it can also be tracked to improved vocabulary and social skills.

There are eight different sets to choose from, I know one would be perfect for her!

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Shona at for the review products. This review relates my own experience and opinions, which were not influenced by the sponsor in any way. Yours may differ.

7 Friends Said:

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

How adorable. It's such a great idea for them to get it in the mail, so special. I may have to do this for my nieces birthday. :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! What a wonderful surprise! And it came so prettily packaged. ER looks like a sweet fairy princess :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Amanda said...

I love it and am bookmarking the site now! What a wonderful 'anytime' gift!

Mama King said...

What little fairy princes wouldn't love opening up that box! ER looks like a little enchanted pixie!

Braley Mama said...

What a cutie. She looks so happy. I love it!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. Zoe would love this thanks for sharing

Susana said...

OH, if I had a toddler girl....

This is adorable!!

She looks precious.

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