Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fierce Style by Christian Siriano is a Fierce-ly Good Read

Are any of you also addicted to Project Runway? I certainly am, and while I may not be a high fashion kind of girl in my day to day life, nor a trend setter, I dream of Burberry and I know all the major labels. There was a time when I had subscriptions to all the fashion magazines, before they all switched over to crafting ones, at least. Underneath my sensible Gap shirts beats the heart of a fashionista! I am glued to the television for each episode and every season I have very clear ideas about who should win.

I knew from the second episode of the season Christian was on, that he was definitely going to win. There was just something about him, I think his sense of style, personality, and talent just leapt off the television screen. Here was a larger than life designer, with the attitude and talent to back it up.
This month, Christian released his first book Fierce Style, and it's a delightful romp into his "ferosh" world. The youngest designer, at just 21 years of age, to win Project Runway brings together his tips on how to create your personal style, shop for high style on a budget, boost your self confidence, and his do's and don'ts. It's packed with insights from fashions and Hollywood's biggest names, like Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Vanessa Williams, stunning photography, and his whimsical original sketches. The whole book is eye candy and it's a pleasure reading it cover to cover.

What I really liked about Fierce Style, is that it's written in a very accessible style. It's like you've met Christian for coffee and you're dishing over the latest fashion mags together. I could honest "hear" him while I read it, which I love since one of his biggest draws is his personality. You feel like a friend is sitting down with you, giving you tips on how to refresh your wardrobe.

I loved reading his personal stories, learning about his Wizard of Oz obsession growing up and hearing that he's made plenty of fashion mistakes. I agree with many of his points, like that ultimately all the clothes aren't going make up for not feeling good about yourself on the inside. BUT I do have to say, I would argue him from sun up to sun down that wire frame glasses ARE cute! Thick, "fabulous" (in my opinion for me personally a big NOT), plastic frames are one of my biggest fashion victim moments and no one not even Mr. "Ferosh" himself is going to convince me otherwise.

Ultimately, Fierce Style is one part memoir, one part fashion book, and the rest is sensibile advice, given with his sassy attitute. It's a great, fun read and a very entertaining journey Christian takes us on. He really is the embodiment of being fierce! It was just the shot in the arm that I needed to revamp my wardrobe! Read an exerpt from Fierce Style and see what I mean!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Hachette Book Group, Inc. for providing the reviewer's copy.

5 Friends Said:

Sami Jo said...

Katie this post is hysterical and the wire rim glasses bit A Hoot! I totally love Christian and now that we don't have cable I'm totally bummed and have been tempted to go online to get my fix but just haven't done it yet. I also need a Fierce revamp in my couture!

Vickie said...

I love Project Runway! I also watch the show after it, Models of the Runway.

Christian had to grow on me. It took me a while. Of the final three I wanted the chick to win. Though my favorite of that season was Sweat Pea.

Seems like an interesting book. Perhaps it will get me out of this fashion slump I am in.

Nicole said...

Ha! I saw him on Chelsea Lately and though he was hilarious! I need to pick that book up!

I too was not a fan of the plastic rim glasses...until I found the right ones! Now I LOVE them...well the ones I have...I do not LOVE all of them. Some of the styles are just yuck! LOL

Mama King said...

Love Project Runway! No Christians or Santinos in this group :-( But still fun to watch.

***Sharon*** said...

Here, here!!! I love Project Runway as well but can't seem to catch up this season! Christian was one of my faves!

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