Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween 2007 Shutterfly Photobook

For today's Scrapbook Sunday, I wanted to share an easy and quick way to scrap a season's worth of pictures. Using an online service like Shutterfly is a great way to digital scrapbook without having to invest in an expensive program. What I like about them, is that you can get a scrapbook feel to your photobook and are not limited to a very basic background.

Back in fall 2007, we had just moved back to near our families. The house wasn't quite put back together and we were all adjusting to our new home. My scrapbooking supplies weren't completely unpacked or organized. But we did throw ourselves whole heartedly into doing all the traditional Midwestern fall activities I grew up doing. It was the first year we did any kind of Halloween activities with ER, so it's a very special one for us.

Since I am quite the shutterbug, by the end of October I literally had hundreds of pictures. We had done so many fun outings and I had lots of memories I wanted to preserve. The thought of scrapbooking them all was overwhelming.

So I got them organized, added journaling, and created my photobook all in one afternoon. I like having everything together in one professionally bound book. We look at it all the time. For this book I used layouts and backgrounds that Shutterfly provided. Now that I've got a little experience with PS Elements and am building up my collection of digital kits, I can't wait to one day create a whole book just out of my digital layouts.

I've gotten photobooks from four different providers and the ones from Shutterfly continue to be my favorites. I think they have the best tools, variety of premade done layouts and backgrounds, and they frequently run specials. When I consider how much I spend on scrapbook materials, a photobook from them is a great value. I'll create a photobook, and then keep it in my saved projects until they run a sale to save money. Plus Shutterfly is free to join, you can store and organize your pictures there, and easily share them with family and friends. I have a Share Site and it's an easy way to share pictures with a lot of people at once.

Click here to view this photo book.

6 Friends Said:

The Activity Mom said...

I agree! I made one for my friend's 30th bday. It turned out great!
I made real scrapbooks for my son and I'm happy with them but they also take up a lot of room and he is only 2 1/2. With baby #2 on the way, part of me wishes I would have just done these photobooks instead. I know I could do them for #2 but now I'm caught up in being "fair" which seems silly as I say it out loud. =)

Mozer said...

Your book is adorable! I make Shutterfly books. I like that I can upload all my digital layouts and create a custom book. I think the quality and the fact that they run good specials is what keeps me coming back to their service.

Nicole said...

I really like Shutterfly! I order things pretty often. I actually need to place an order soon!

Anonymous said...

I have actually never used Shutterfly. I am going to check them out! Love your books

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

We've used Shutterfly for order our family calendars, and they never disappoint. I couldn't get over how FAST they were, even turning peak holiday times.

Your book looks amazing!! What great memories your family is making together.

Vickie said...

ER was so little! has only been a year!

I like these photobooks. My favorite so far is smilebox, but I haven't check out Shutterfly yet.

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