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Kaskey Kid's Baseball Guys Review & Discount Code

The playoffs may be quickly approaching, but no matter how your favorite team does on the field it doesn't mean that baseball season has to end at your home. As many of you know we are big Detroit Tiger's fans around here. Even after they lost BIG time last Saturday night, lost their place at the head of our division, are now tied, and might not even make it to the play offs!...But I digress. We're still hoping they can win tomorrow against the Twins. Maybe ER wearing one the several official team outfits she has, while she cheers on her favorite team, will give them some good luck!
We were all pretty excited when Kaskey Kids, makers of sports action figures packaged by sport, sent us a set of Baseball Guys to play with. I thought they were the perfect thing to encourage ER's interest in the game. ER and the main baseball fan in her life, Papa had a great time recreating a Tiger game with them. It's very handy for Detroit fans that one team is white and blue, tailor made for our home games! But NOT that game, can you tell we're still a little upset around here?What's included? All of the following for $24.99


Red and Blue teams face off. A fully adjustable scoreboard keeps the game as exciting and realistic as possible!

Set includes:
24 2 1/2" players
1 umpire
1 fully adjustable realistic scoreboard
28" x 28" washable felt field
10" x 6" x 5" stackable container with attached lid and handle
What I really like about the Baseball Guys is that they are not teeny tiny and the paint is applied really nicely. So they each look like and are a quality figure. You get plenty of them so you can play a regulation game and still have some guys in the dug out. Or as Brad likes to add to one side, pitchers from the bull pen warming up. I also appreciated how they came in a stackable container, although ours keeps popping open when we try to carry it around.
Baseball Guys are truly action figures, and encourage open ending play. While they do come with some basic instructions and playbook, there isn't a "game" that you have to play with them. You're encouraged be creative and use your imagination to make up your own plays. They put your child in charge of the action, they can move the players where they want when they want. They can be played with independently or with friends or family.

Kids could also use them to follow along to a baseball game over the radio. I think that this might be a good way to start out, until kids are familiar with the various plays. This way they can eventually make up the story of their own imaginary games. I also like the simple dice game sent in by one of Kaskey Kid's seven year old patrons and shared on their website in the Kid's Corner, Ways to Play.
Besides the Baseball Guys we received, Kaskey Kids makes several different set of sports action figures aimed at kids 3-8 years old: Football Guys, College Football Guys, Hockey Guys, Soccer Guys and Girls, and their new Baseball Guys and Football Guys Mini Packs.

Mini packs offer new team colors and variety. They can be used as new opposing teams for the full set you already have or new customers can use them as a way to try out Kaskey Kids. They are priced right to be a great smaller gift purchase, like a stocking stuffer!

Their collegiate lines are very popular and they currently carry 10 popular teams. Alumni are finding new uses for them, as table decorations during tailgate parties, collectables for themselves, or as a fun toy to play with their children or grandchildren.
Kaskey Kid's sports action figure sets would make a great gift! There's bound to be a team or a sport that represents your child's or family's interests.

Enter "GoGuys" for a 10% discount and start getting ready for the holidays!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kaskey Kids for providing the review set of Baseball Guys. This review reflects my opinion and experience with the product, which was not influenced by ths sponsor in anyway. Yours may differ.

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Katie said...

These look like something Gavin would enjoy and we wouldn't mind having around. Thanks for the review!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

So cute! Reminds me of a set my brother and I had growing up... ahhh, memories!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Your reviews are always so wonderful. So that being said I'm giving you another award :)

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