Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apple Frame

You're not experiencing déjà vu, if you think you saw this before. It published by mistake earlier in the week. This is when I intended it to show up. Come by tomorrow, a new giveaway is starting☺
We may have gone apple picking at the end of September, but it took us a while to finished up the frames I had ER paint for me. It's one of the simplest frames I've made, and doesn't require decoupaging for those of you afraid of Mod Podge. We gave this one to Papa and Grammy to help them remember the fun time we had taking ER to the orchard for the first time.

ER painted two coats onto an unfinished frame, the same kind I used for Our Pumpkin with two coats of green paint. This is one of the "expensive" frames, costing three whole dollars! I know a splurge, since I normally make do with the one dollar unfinished ones. But for the extra money you actually get glass to protect the photo and it is bigger as well.

I hot glued on a prepainted and prefinished wooden apple, there are a wide variety of available that would fit many different themes. They were on sale when I got them; can't remember the exact price but all 3 were less than a dollar. Foam alphabet stickers from Target's dollar section make up the title. That was all I was planning on doing, but it looked some what bare on top, like something was missing. Brad's the one who suggested I add some ribbon like I have in the past. I also tied on a cute metal rimmed office tag and added an epoxy apple sticker on it.
I'm real pleased with how it came out. We gave this one and one very similar to my mother in law when all met up for the Zoo Boo. I ran out of polka dot ribbon, so that one has fall themed ribbon. I put ER's name on it instead of apple picking. Grandma Norma was out of town when we went, but like all grandma's she always loves a cute picture of her grandchild!
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4 Friends Said:

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

love it!! you make the best frames!!! you should open an etsy to sell them!

Susana said...

I really need you to move closer so we can create together, seriously, you have some great ideas!!

Vickie said...

Yes! Noelle is right! Your frames are awesome!!

Maybe I will try it. You make it sound so easy!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

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