Monday, November 2, 2009

Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show

Our big Halloween treat for ER was taking her to see Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show at The Palace of Auburn Hills the day after. We really enjoyed the live action stage show that stars beloved Disney characters, with some new twists and original plot. We thought the stop at Cinderella's stepsister's shoe store was especially fun.
ER wore her official Cinderella dress, and since she'd already seen Disney on Ice, she knew all her favorite Disney characters would soon be dancing away in front of her eyes. She was really excited, and seeing all the other kids dressed up as princesses or as Buzz Lightyear really added a thrill to the preshow wait.
She couldn't wait to see her favorite princess, Cinderella! This time she had a starring role in the show and was the only princess to be featured. Needless to say, the moment the curtains opened ER's eyes were glued to the stage. Her face was filled with wonderment as each new part enfolded, and she happily danced, jumped, and clapped along the whole time.
The storyline of Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show has Mickey and his friends traveling together on Mickey's bus, while looking all over for performers to be in their talent show. Along the way they run into several mishaps and side trips, while encountering lots of familiar faces.
A large projection panel provides an ever changing animated background as Mickey and the gang's road trip takes them over mountains, through the sky, into a royal village, to a catus filled deserts and even underwater. Along with movable backgrounds and props, it really added to the visual experience and enjoyment of the show. Especially for their littest audience members, who might otherwise have a hard time imagining where they characters are were.
The show is broken into two parts, with the first devoted to finding all the talent show acts and the second is the actual talent show. Lots of high energy dancing, tricks, and singing are throughout. The unicycle riding, rope and hula hoop trips, and Buzz Lightyear descending to a stage covered in billowing theatrical smoke were especially thrilling. My husband liked seeing Tigger dancing and bouncing but without question ER's favorite part was seeing...
Cinderella! She got to see her sing two of her favorite songs "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. I know ER will be talking about for a long time. It's the first thing she mentioned when asked by Grandma Norma where we'd been, "I see Cinderella!"
Over all it was a fantastic show, one that kept us three of us captivated. The sets were well thought out, the scenes lively and humerous, and the dancing and singing well choreographed and exciting. The host Chris was bubbly and energenic, he kept things moving along and explained what was going on. Every minute was entertaining! It was a wonderful show, and we'll always remember the look of captivation and thrill on our daughter's face.

We'd definitely recommend it to any Disney fan, I'd check to see if the show is coming to your area. It'll make an unforgettable family outing and would be a special family treat, plus for a live action production the tickets are really affordable. Our family of three could all go for only a little bit more than the price of one ticket to a Broadway musical type production I looked into last year. I took a lot of pictures to put in little scrapbook book for ER to flip through and relive the show. They are rather heavy on Cinderella ones, because seeing her was one of the biggest moments in ER's life. Click on my Roxio PhotoShow below to see some more from theDisney Live! Rockin' Road Show.

Disclaimer: I am part of the FELD Family Activator program, and I received tickets to Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show‏ for promoting this event.

3 Friends Said:

Mama King said...

That is so cool that you get to go to these events. What is a FELD Family Activator?

We are buying tix for the Disney Princesses on Ice! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

ahhh looks great. What is FELD? You can email me :)

Courtney said...

How fun! We just went to a Disney Live in Sept. and the girls LOVED it as well!

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